Saturday, July 28, 2012

Invocation and Decree unto the Universal I AM that I AM

Thy Holy Trinity - Universalis, Eternalis, Infinitis - Great Source and Center- Thou art the pattern for all personalities throughout creation. We seek to fulfill thy One command to perfect ourselves even as thou art!

Supreme Being - thou art the Paradise Triune God of Existence and Eternity and Infinity actualizing within time and space creation - Oh Triune God Creator, thou art traveling and journeying with the unfoldment and actualization of every the universes and every single personality of creation who is a part of thy Supreme Essence - I call thee I AM that I AM  - Omnipresence I AM, Omniscience I AM, Omnipotence I AM - I breathe thee into my personal field of consciousness and receptivity Great Supreme Being that I AM.
I AM that I AM - come forth, expand thy Kingdom, flood my field of personal consciousness unto thy Universal Consciousness - quicken all electronic particles of thee unto pure Life, raise up all density and destructive rates of vibration which so dishonor thee, glorify and illuminate the field of consciousness of the earth and her kingdoms - I ask for the Sacred fire of Love from out of thy being to take up residence in all form and every personality who will receive of thee - thy will must be done at this time - all personalities, make thy holy choice to allow the Supreme One I AM to come into and through your own personal consciousness and expand all unto His Omnipresent consciousness.

Unto thee we give all praise and honor, all glory and power, all purity and our free will - We choose to live in thee, for thee, by thee, and through thee.

Esu Kumara Michael 

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