Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Great Law of Life

Harmony is the great law of life. Maintaining harmony and working to correct the errors of disharmony within thee by applying the law of redemption. The vast majority is hypnotized into believing that the temporal world of appearance and sensory pleasures is going to give happiness, healing, and harmony, yet this is a very popular error in mind. Fixing thine attention upon only the appearances of the world and seeking sensory pleasures will bring about . . . illusion and death . . . degeneration and disease . . . and unending entrapment upon the wheel of re-embodiment. That's Ok, if you like limitation, negativity, and density. Yet if you desire true freedom, a greater unlimitedness, travel to other systems of worlds, deeper connection and consciousness of the Father Principle, then listen further!

As you create and set into motion destructive or negative qualities imposed upon the pure stream of Life, so shall you redeem all disharmonious and destructive qualities at some certain point . . . at some eventual lifetime wherein ye are pressed through the blueprint of that lifetime to make corrections on what has been imposed upon Life and in that ye begin to set thyself free. You begin to realize that you are an extension of God individualized above you as your very own Cosmic Christ Selfhood, you place your attention upon that higher part of yourself and you allow It to come forth and live life in you, through you, by you, and for you. Then, you are well on your way to immortality and true freedom.

Only that higher part of thyself can provide a solution to all your problems. This is the beginnings of mastery over all energies that are your own. Only reaching for that Cosmic part of thyself will bring you fulfillment and all the right direction ad purpose in Life. It is this Cosmic part of you . . . the very Life Force of thyself . . . that extends to you in every second of your physical existence the Life energies which it receives from the Center and Source of all Life that provides for all throughout Infinity. As this Life Force comes into your very own Cosmic Self or God Self, it is extended to you in each moment allowing you to think, feel, walk, talk, and conduct your life as a physical being. It is the stream of Life . . . your stream of Life . . . and giving your attention and focus, your devotion and energies to that God Self is honoring It and building a bridge to It and is the absolute wisest thing that we each can do for ourselves and for the Whole Organism of the Supreme Being. That is our free will choice - to either focus upon the temporal world of appearance and imperfection or to focus upon the perfection of the  eternal, infinite, source, and center of our personal existence. That is our free will choice and we reap the effects of our choices until we realize that the wisest thing to do is to give all to the God Self that gives to us Life and existence. We each create our own future destiny in just this way, and it begins with the simplicity of our thoughts and feeling, our attention and our value system.

May you find your way through the maze of human unconsciousness and become victoriously at one with your Cosmic Selfhood in this holy process of transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension. Devote time and energy to this divine plan of redeeming your misqualified energies, taking accountability for each particle of life that you have used, returning all into the supreme light, and awakening thyself upon the shores of eternal life everlasting.

Meanwhile, the entire planet is going through a collective raising of its own frequency into light, as is this system of worlds. Soon, only positive light-filled people will remain upon the earth...for the meek will inherit the Earth in this way. The tyrannies of today will be a thing of the past because mankind will have redeemed themselves back into the Self-respect and dignity, the glory and the sovrnty of the pure Light and Love of God.

You may call upon Me in the Person of the Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth and I will come unto thee and guide you; for I am the wayshower sent by the Father of all Mercy to take humanity back into the Light of the Supreme Christ.

Esu Kumara Michael
of the Order of the Kumaras and of the Order of Michael

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