Monday, July 30, 2012

Fierceness for Love

Some of you who are reading my posts may not know that I have come into these flesh/dense levels of the Earth directly from the Great Central Sun which is the Center and Source . . . the HUB of all Intelligence, Power, and Love Mercy and the distributing center into the local universes. I come in service to share with those who are at a point in their evolution the absolute way given to all mortal races to become immortal. Some of you who have been reading for awhile now and have been steadily contacting me for appointments or private dialogues with me to help you clarify the divine plan and its direct application of the Law into your personal life so that you can quicken your field of receptivity or consciousness further into light . . . well, as a reminder to you, I wish to tell you that this Holy Comforter Presence of Michael surrounds you and walks with you every step of the way of your journey into Light.

You each have free will to call to any one of the Ascended Host to come and place their attention upon you to help you go further in your vibratory transfiguration. The radiation of the pure light substance from these great beings who comprise that part of the universal Host in service to Earth, as their radiation comes into your field of receptivity, it naturally accelerates the vibratory activity of the electrons of your flesh and subtle bodies, just by their attention focused upon you or I. As these electrons are quickened in their speed of vibration, there is thrown off of your field of receptivity the substance of darkness and shadow which had been created by discordant thoughts, feelings, spoken words and acts of the past. These 'shadows' are then transfigured into light by the omnipotent action of the Violet Transmuting Flame. This Flame may be called into action through decree or invocation by you or I at any and all points of our day, even while working in an office or doing the daily things that you might find yourself doing throughout the week.

You and I . . . we also have within us more directly the Paradise Flame of the Universal Father (the Creator Center and Absolute Source of all Life everywhere). A fragment of His energy and Life is given to human beings and this Flame of Life may be called into action throughout your day to expand, expand, expand throughout your field of receptivity, to do the very same thing - that is, to purify all discord and shadow substance that had been created by you or I in our individual field of receptivity. This Paradise Flame is our true Nature and Identity and it is one of the precepts of this teaching that we are to identify right now with this presence of the Father and then work out of us via transfiguration, the appearances of separation and the shadowy substance which confuses human beings into believing that they are separate from the Father fragment...the Flame of Paradise...the Life Force of God the Father. This Paradise Flame as it is called consciously into action by us - and it must be called by you consciously into action because it does not happen automatically, being that it respects your free will as a human being and your free choice to choose consciously to have more of the God Presence in and through your life and worldly activities - this immortal Paradise Flame is made of all love, wisdom, and power divine, and it is anchored right within your own heart area, and it also enfolds each one of us surrounding the physical and subtle bodies that comprise our field of receptivity. Well, the acceleration of the speed of the electrons around the central core of each atomic particle within us . . . within the four lower bodies . . .  is accomplished by the conscious directing of that Flame of Paradise within us . . .within the area of the heart, and your choice to decree or invoke this expansion of the Paradise Flame of thyself. This is your day to day responsibility to Life, and this can only be done each day by each one of us if we desire Self-Actualization and God Consciousness leading to the greater Life Everlasting.

Millions upon millions of these tiny electrons which I call 'Flames of Paradise' comprising the actual Paradise Flame that resides within your heart . . . well, millions of these intelligent, feeling little beings come directly from the Paradise Father . . . the actual Center and Source . . . and are extended or poured out to you first through your own higher God Presence . . . your oversoul presence, that is . . . the highest part of your multi-dimensional lifestream soul . . . and then reaching eventually down to you at this lower octave of life, right at the location of your heart and solar plexus areas. This is the animating power and intelligence that gives you all life. It gives us the capacity and power to think, feel, speak, and act. Everything that we are is made of these electrons because these are the units which make up the actual Divine Substance of Light and Love of the universes. These electrons contain within themselves all of the divinity that would be found at the level of the Godhead in Paradise; all it's Powers, all of it's majesty, and all of the Divinity which is within the Parent Source of the Father, Son, and Spirit exist within these tiny electronic beings who come down into the human experience with all of the vigor and enthusiasm to do good. But just as they contact the human field of receptivity they are imposed upon by the density and shadowy substance that has been residing within the field of receptivity of the typical person. Although the electron itself can never be contaminated, yet they can be clothed temporarily by our density and discordant vibration. These electrons are then trapped and deeply 'infected' by the human destructive rates of vibration until you and I make the free will choice to transfigure the shadowy substance that surrounds these electrons back into pure light. In this way you are of great great service by decreeing for the transfiguration of all discord and shadow within you, and by applying your invocations and decrees each day. Whence you do this each day you are living the Will of God and expanding His Kingdom and eventually setting yourself free forevermore . . . step by step, day by day, you invoke and decree with thought and deep feeling and giving your attention to the Paradise Flame within your heart to expand; and you can also make sincere use of the Ascended Host of Heaven who stand waiting for human beings to draw upon their higher radiation and their benevolent influences to help in the quickening of all atomic substance back into the purity of light.

So, in the course of a single second, millions upon millions of these tiny electrons . . . Flames of Paradise . . . are literally bombarded from the heart of the Father, through your God Presence and into your physical heart, and then out into your world. Wherever your attention is fixed, therein are you worshiping, and whatever you or I worship, we become . . . we set into motion vibratory rates and qualities which accumulate and build momentum within us over lifetimes until, alas, we come into this sort of knowledge which gives to us the capacity to understand how circumstances and environments came to be for us, and what we must do to alter negative and destructive situations and inner states in order to become eternally free. The shadows, limitations, illnesses, appearances of age, and depressions are but the unintended 'clothing' of those electrons by shadows of density that are imposed daily upon these innocent Flames of Paradise - the electrons of Paradise Source and Center which are given to human beings as literally Life itself. These shadows are created by us when we inadvertently and carelessly and habitually place our attention, thoughts, and feelings of our human personality or outer human self upon imperfect appearances in our environment and in the atmosphere of the Earth. Our attention is a beam of living Life that has the capacity through thought and feeling to create vibration, and that vibration can be destructive or constructive depending upon our free will choice. This is the understanding of our free will and the right use of our free will choice to set into motion, accumulation, and momentum vibratory effects that qualify the immaculate conception or the immaculate ideal of the Father who would easily manifest all prosperity, harmony, healing and happiness, if we, at once, align with Him in nature and identity, and understand how we are setting into motion vibratory effects that we eventually must clean up in the process of transfiguration.

In this way, I have come once again into the world of flesh and bone to share with you as a friend and brother, a guide and wayshower, the way to freedom, the truth of understanding, and the life that can be eternal should you use your free will choice to transfigure all density and shadow back into the pristine and immaculate conception of the Father of all Eternity who resides as a fragment within each one of us and awaits patiently our cooperation with Him and our right use of our creative capacity to set into motion vibratory effects that lead us into the greater life and light.
Call upon Me in the person of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter; for I AM Michael of this universe, son of the Universal Father and Eternal Son of Paradise who is sent that humanity have light and life; and through this Spirit of my Being, I hold the capacity to show you unto the greater understandings and the Truths of thy very being which would open the doorway for you unto Life Everlasting . . . with your cooperation and conscious effort to become free; for I am unable to do it for you, but with my support and this understanding of the divine Law of being, you can step free . . . freer than you have ever been throughout all your existence.

Ask Me to outpour unto thee, the nectar of Love, as you command your own Paradise Flame to expand and take dominion within your field of receptivity. This field of receptivity must become merged in vibration with the all-pervading Kingdom of the Heavens all around you; and in this way you will be actualizing the potentials of thy divinity while raising thyself beyond the confines of the limitations of the shadows and density imposed upon you by your creative power.

Esu Kumara Michael

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