Friday, June 22, 2012

Say unto thy own Flame of Paradise . . . Expand thy Glory!

Do ye believe that ye have created thy own existence? I think not or you would know wherein ye have been before this lifetime, what the true purpose of this lifetime is for you, and where ye shall be going after this lifetime of learning and experience. There is a greater Intelligence and Power, Divine Personage and Creator who has brought thee into existence and knows of these things.

A spark of Him resides right directly within thee . . . as thy animating power and presence . . . I say unto thee, He is the One who animates thee to live and breathe, think and feel, act and speak. He is the Flame of Life that resides as an initial spark of Life within each person regardless of their religious orientation or whether or not they even believe he exists . . . He has given a drop of Himself to each personality soul, and he allows each to do as they wish with it. You can use this energy of Life to create destruction and even self-destruction for thyself or you can set into motion creations of thought and feeling and experiences and circumstance of Light and Love and constructive circumstances and experience. Yet, it is essential to understand that all that we set into motion we are accountable for. When we impose upon this immaculate energy of Light qualities of darkness and misunderstanding, we must then unwind and redeem and transfigure these qualities which we have imposed upon the God force of Light and Life back into their immaculate conception. And, only each one of us can do this for ourselves. There is no vicarious atonement . . . no vicarious redemption. Jesus did not die for anyone's sins and he did not give of his blood to appease the Universal Father. That is an idea of supreme ignorance and is pagan in its understanding. Each soul personality must consciously redeem their own sins and mis-creation by applying the law of love and the plan of salvation and redemption which I have been sharing with you herein. The ideas of having someone else correct our sins or errors is the barbaric pagan rituals of the primitive human being. The primitives erroneously believed that sacrifice must take place for God to be appeased. Think about that. Is that not what chrisitianity and catholicism is based upon. Old retarded pagan ritualistic and infantile beliefs about sacrificing someone and their blood being shed and all that ridiculous nonsense. Superstitious, immature, and ignorant ideas that stem back from primitive times, and that are still carried forward into this time and place by those who have no right whatsoever to place themselves before others as teachers and ministers and pastors, attempting to teach others from a book that they've read and re-read over and over again hoping to find the living Truth. I will tell you thusly, each is responsible fr everything that they have place outward to others. So that those who have, in ignorance and immaturity spoken of these pagan rituals and who have influenced others, will then have to redeem every electron and every 'jot and tittle' of their misunderstanding perpetrated upon those who are too ignorant of spiritual truth to know any better. The age of Light that is upon us all will soon do away with these errors and false teachings. And, while no one is ever a victim of anything, each must then unwind their own misunderstandings of Truth and the way of Life in order to partake of the real and true design for human life.

The next era will be doing away with that primitive ignorance. Imagine a more evolved race coming here and viewing the species believing this and watching as billions live out their entire lives with this immature understanding of having to sacrifice a life to appease God almighty who is love and mercy in every way and more. What would it look like if you went into the amazon jungle and watched the primitive tribes go through their own rituals that you know are young and misinformed. Until each human person takes the time and energy and makes the effort to expand this spark unto a greater Flame, their own personal evolution can go nowhere. And how do ye expand this spark you might say? I tell you, each has been given thought and feeling and spoken word to do just that. Say unto thy spark of God directly within thee, " Flame of Paradise, Come forth and expand thy Kingdom throughout me. I expand my free human will unto thee so that ye can lead me unto you in all ways." We each must raise the vibrations and spiritualize all of our senses, quickening all into Light and the higher Intelligence.

Understand that when you say and deeply feel, " thy will be done in me, trough me, by me, and for me, this allows for the Spark of God animating you and giving you life throughout all and every lifetime, to expand and take up the greater residence throughout your life and world. He honors your free will to choose freely if you desire to share your existence with Him. Now, that spark of Him within thee is your passport unto immortality and eternity. There is no other way but through your own divinity spark of Him. This is the gift of life everlasting that He offers to you, yet He allows our free will choice to take precedence over even His own desire to become one with the personality soul of thyself. He desires union . . . eternal union . . . with you and He is breathing you and giving you Life in every second of your existence, yet He is patient and trusting that you will invite Him into your existence, so that ye can eternally share together a greater life and existence. I tell thee my brothers and sisters . . . there is no other way to progress and evolve. You each have been given personality . . . that is, you've been given a personal existence as an individualization of Him and as a time and space creature journeying through your personal existence,yet you don't know and understand what this is all about until you allow Him to expand in you and through you. You must apply your faith and trust unseen until you can validate this ideal, and then you will become a bit of your own authority on your own knowledge of His existence and what His Plan is. I cannot do that for you, yet I am pointing the way that you can own thy godhood and attain this directly for thyself. Only by calling upon Him and asking that He expand . . . that this Flame of Love and Mercy expand, that He expand the glory of His Light in and throughout your field of receptivity, can you dissolve all pain and suffering, all unawareness of His Universal Laws of Life. The very same laws that turn the planets on their own axis and keep the galaxies moving and spinning in their own journey through creation. Only by going directly and not relying upon anyone else to do this for you, can you discover the real and true purpose of life, can you understand the direction and way that He has prepared for you. Only through your own decision making and choice will you validate your existence in Him as a son or daughter of Light.

Each and every day, expand thy faith and trust by asking for your anxiety and fear and doubt to all become dissolved in His great Light and Love . . . we each must voluntarily ask and then be humble to learn more and grow in understanding and contrite and flexible to be able to admit our ignorance and to admit the immaturity and the negative conditions that we've accidentally placed upon our own life force presence. To receive of Him we must prepare a place within us by redeeming the darkness and density in our field of receptivity by using the Violet Fire and the god flame of our own heart. All that you may think you already know is nothing in the sight of His Omniscience . . . it is naught in the glaring light and glory of His presence which is your true Self nature and eternal identity. Give Him a chance, make the necessary conscious effort to apply this wisdom regarding the Law that I share with you; for I give this out freely for thine own sake. I need not thy approval and recognition. What I do desire is for each one of you and all of humanity to come into this great and sublime understanding of Life and the way to consciously progress into the greater Life beyond the limitations of the Earth schoolhouse. Ye have been re-living the same lessons over and over again and it is thy time to progress and go further in your development. My service and responsibilities are within this local universe and I am committed to bringing the entire universal body into Light . . . establishing Light throughout every planet, every system, all galaxies, and  to have every single being within this domain which I have been given to embrace Him, to know Him as their very Selfhood, and to evolve and grow beyond themselves through the plan of redemption by using the Sacred Fire of Love to wash away their errors and their inadvertent mistakes in the use of their own life force presence. My mission is dependent upon each personality soul to take it upon themselves to wash clean of the past and awaken unto the brilliant future of their own existence.  If you are a parent of children, then you would know of the incredible responsibility to rear your children and guide them every upward. and you would, in fact, even give your own life to allow them to have a greater life and for those children that you have birthed into existence as a physical creature, to be given all that is possible, all the nurturing and sustenance that you can possible give them, so that they have a bit of an edge, some leverage, in which to traverse through this life. well, am I not the same in my own way?

May you find this ideal expanded in your own life and personal world, for in doing so, you are in service to the great universal Plan of redemption and salvation wherein each person takes the reins of their own existence and matures themselves unto the greater works. In this way you each add actualization unto the Supreme Essence or being of time and space. You help to evolve and grow and awaken the entire universe as you decide to evolve and awaken thyself. for each is a significant and irreplaceable part of the universal Body which I AM and which YOU ARE. In this way shall you each find bliss and fulfillment, direction and purpose, dignity and Self-respect in your journey unto the eternal Light.

Esu Kumara Michael

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