Friday, June 15, 2012

Primordial Fire of all Love and Mercy

When ye do love, I say that ye radiate. Ye do but enhance the growth of the godhood within you, your spark of celestial fire receiveth fuel, or rather, fannings from that which is the so-called universe. There is no love otherwise than from the demonstration of this cosmic fire within you. Behold it is all-powerful, stronger than a thousand tons of dynamite; it reacheth no end in constructive thinking, or Thought performance; ever will it experiment, seeking new expressions. My beloved, I say unto you that ye do have within yourselves the power of the universe to create worlds in that ye are the thing that is created. Wouldst ye create a planet? The planet is yourself in the case of each one of you, or rather, the pattern of the planet is within each one of you in theoretical molecular energy. By that I mean, my beloved, ye shall give of yourselves so tremendously with the earth-atom as pattern that a hundred trillion atoms of similar pattern take form likewise.

Esu Kumara Michael

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