Thursday, June 21, 2012

Invoke the Flame of Transfiguration and Walk Free

The energy that is used by each lifestream and person is qualified by thought and feeling. As soon as the energy is accepted by your presence and used by you in the human dimension, it is stamped with your unique and personal electronic pattern. This divine energy is qualified with constructive or destructive qualities. If destructive, then each lifestream person must at some certain point in their lifetimes command the redemption of that destructive vibration back into its original state of pure light vibration. When you are feeling weighed down by strong destructive emotions like depression, hopelessness and anger or hurt or when you are bombarded with a recurring recording in your mind of negative thoughts or destructive thoughts, that is your own stamped energy returning to you from some previous point wherein you qualified that energy with your thought and feeling choices and focus. To redeem the energy back into pure light is to uncondition the energy back into its unconditional loving vibration. Just begin to invoke and decree the prayer herein, and you'll be transfiguring the shadows of your destructively conditioned energies within your field of receptivity . . . your personal consciousness . . . back into the Universal Light. You will be dissolving the accumulated momentums of destructive energies that have stayed within your field over lifetimes and changing all things back into pure light. This is the precise way to fulfill the divine law which Jesus taught and demonstrated. 

Visualize the Violet Flame of Mercy washing through your field of receptivity. See in your mind's eye, the brilliancy and omnipotent power of the Violet Fire of Forgiveness and Mercy penetrating you in every way. This Flame of Mercy is a direct action of Omnipotence from the Infinite Spirit through our very own Universe Mother Spirit within our local universe who steps it down to the Elohim Arcturus, and then even further downward unto the Archangel Zadkiel, and then finally unto Saint Germain who is the Avatar for the Earth for the next 2,000 year period. This Mercy Flame is the Holy Spirit in Action with a special quality and force of forgiveness and mercy which permanently washes away the disharmony arising in you until you find yourself enjoying the lighter side of life once again. As long as you take accountability for having set that negative energy into vibration within you, the Flame will remove it and consume the negativity forever.

This Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness originates at the Trinity Level wherein the Infinite Spirit and His personalization, the Universe Mother Spirit of our universe, extend this Flame unto the material world civilizations. The human race can use this Flame of Mercy as a direct solution to all problems and conflicts.

Invocation and decree:
"I offer up my human selfishness and rebelliousness, and I command the flame of my life force to expand unto thy Will, Oh Mighty flame of Love within me; for I AM pure Violet Transmuting Fire of Love." ~Esu

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