Monday, June 25, 2012

Invoke and Decree wth Passion and Confidence

Drink of His Eternal Nectar which I offer freely unto thee; the Divine Elixir and Holy Amrit of Immortality. Call upon Me in the Person of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter, and I shall give unto thee the Spiritual Waters of pure majestic love; for I and the Paradise Father and Eternal Son are One; my Comforter Spirit pervades thy being and awaits thy receptivity.

A spark of the Paradise Father dwells within thee as thy true nature and identity. The eternal Son pervades all space and draws you ever upward. The Comforter is the manifestation of the Father and the Son within the local universes sent to guide you unto union with the Father. The Infinite Spirit personalizes Himself as the Infinite Mother Spirit or Holy Spirit which is all-pervading and is the source of thy mind and body. Call into action this Spirit of the Universe Mother and ask Her to transfigure the human density and limiting conditions of your life unto the unlimited light. The key is that we be accountable for all of our energy having set into motion every energetic condition through the application of our thought and feeling natures.

This is the Threefold Endowment and the path of Sovrnty. Realize thy oneness with the Father Principle . . . the Flame of Paradise within you . . . by expanding that spark unto a fuller Flame. You may do this with your thought and feeling and spoken word through invocation and decree by placing your attention upon this Flame. Draw down to you the help of the Holy Comforter Spirit of Michael to show you Truth within you and to guide you unto union with the Father's Flame. Ask the Holy Spirit Infinite Mother to come and help you to heal transfigure your misqualified density back into the glory of pure light.

Invocation: "Omnipotent Flame of Paradise . . . my life force and true identity . . . expand thy glory, wash away all human imperfect vibration. Raise us unto thy greater light and thy majestic love. I command thee, oh great Cosmic Christ that I AM, come forth . . . transfigure all destructively qualified accumulations and resurrect my momentums unto thy everlasting life.

I take full accountability for setting these things in motion and I desire to become raised unto thee, Mighty Flame of Paradise within me that I AM. I share my life and world with you unconditionally!

Decree: "I AM purity White Fire Bliss, thy Immaculate Conception."

Esu Kumara Michael

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