Friday, June 22, 2012

Immortality - Embracing Eternity Exercises (EEE's)

I teach the Spiritual Promise of Life Everlasting. If you walked with Jesus back 2,000 years ago you would have heard the very same instruction given, the very same understanding conveyed to you. I have given my promise to life to help in the redemption of all fallen energies. Humanity has fallen in their consciousness due to an over-emphasis upon outer appearances and sensory pleasures. As a collective race, humanity is crippled by the twin plagues of ignorance and arrogance. I have returned once again and at this very time to share with you the Immortal Way of Life...the conscious understanding of the divine way given to humanity by the Source and Creator Father of us all who desires that human beings unshackle themselves from the self-created bondage of the ages.

Come unto Me all ye who are weighed down by the centuries of lifetimes of your misuse of the creative life force, and I will show you a way to have life more abundant through your own divinity. I teach Immortality...Conscious Immortality....the fulfillment of all your lifetimes within the limitations and lack of the Earth lifetimes living in the garment of the flesh.

The One Life Force within each person is pressing upon them, surging with power and intelligence to outpour into their outer use more of Its Perfection of Love and Harmony, Abundance and Prosperity, yet it cannot do so unless your attention goes to this Force of Life within you...your own divinity...and forms a living bridge and stream of energy that allows It an avenue of expression in order to reach you...and when you have paved the way through your thought attention and feeling by worshiping and adoring this One Force of Life, it is then able to give to you all that is held within Its embrace. In this way you are embracing eternity and receiving from the One Life within you the gifts of the immortals. That is the law of the Universes.

Only this relationship and stream of energy or living bridge can free you from all self-created limitations and struggle. And only through you and your free will use of your human powers and divine nature can you create this bridge unto Life more abundant.

The One Universal Light...the Life force, is individualized as You. This is also called the Christ, the Buddha, the I AM, Brahman, Allah, God - all different names to describe this One Life Force which is Infinitely Intelligent, All-powerful having dominion over all creation and all energy. This Universal Force is God's way of creating and maintaining Order and Harmony, Peace and Perfection throughout His Creation, and believe it or not, He needs our cooperation to bring forth peace and prosperity for all upon the Earth.

You and I are individualizations of this One Force commanded by Life to use His creative Law to bring forth His Perfection into your outer use and world. Everyone has the same privilege of making contact with the All-Powerful Presence of the One Force of Life. It is the only Power and Intelligence that could ever and will ever be able to free the personal self from all struggle and limitation.

You and I, we are creating continually with this great Force of Life...continually. Through our thought, feeling, spoken word, and action we are making use of this One Force within us. Wherever you focus your attention and thought and combine these with feeling, you set into motion energies which create qualities within you and circumstances around you. It is a known fact of existence.

You have this ability and power to qualify the One God Force of Life because it is the only Substance by which you may draw upon the energy of Life to set into motion thought and feeling, circumstance and environment in which to live and experience your life. Thus, you are always and forever as an individualization of God the Supreme...the Christ, the One Life Force of are always creating and setting into accumulation and momentum this One Force. It is only through the right understanding and use of this One Life Force...the great I AM... that you can erase your struggle and limitation and unhappiness. No one can do it for you, but I am one who can teach you the direct and right use of the great Creative Law, so that you may go forward to master your life and world securing for yourself immortality if you should so choose to go on from here.

Through this presence of Life within you, you can purify your miscreation and error and erase permanently the karmas that send you spiraling from one lifetime unto another lifetime propelling you to experience the endless rounds of birth and death. When you are ready to go forth into something greater, seek Me and I shall offer you the only one way and truth to take yourself into the very next stages of human evolutionary soul development...conscious immortality.

I teach the Eternal Verities which means the Eternal Laws and Truths. There is no such opinion in my is pure Law and simple Truth...the Eternal Law of Life. The Eternal Verities are the only way provided by Life to raise your life activity and existence into the next Octave of Life above and beyond the human. It is the only way by which you can correct the mistakes of thousands of your lifetimes and step free into a greater destiny and a higher life.

It is the Law of Life...of Eternity...that provides the individualizations of the One Supreme God to give a balance back to life and fulfill the Spiritual Promise of Life Everlasting. It is God's Mercy and Love which allows one to 'sin' with error in their use of the Creative Life force and still be given a way to correct all mistakes and go forward in greater wisdom and consciousness. The misuse of Life's energy in the form of destructive impulses and qualities which take you further and further away from the divinity within you is able to become corrected and set into alignment with Life once you understand this Law and consciously use it for your advancement into Light and immortality.

It is the Ascendant Way of Life that propels you unto the very next stage of human life. It is the Ascended Masters understanding and conscious use of the great Creative Words, 'I AM'. When you say I AM and follow it with a quality of some kind in your thought, feeling, spoken word, and actions, you are setting into motion energies that accumulate and build a momentum within you.

Remember, you are an individualization of the One God force with the responsibility to command the One Force of Life ~ which you are ~ to create for yourselves inner life qualities and its outer world experiences. When you say and feel, "I AM", you are announcing creation in your locale; for you are localized as God the Supreme...the Christ... in a particular point of the universe. Saying and feeling "I AM" and then adding a quality such as "I AM pure Love", for example, conditions and shapes the One Immaculate Life Force...conditioning It into the quality and frequency of Love. If you nurture this quality and foster its growth and expansion in your life by giving your attention and desire to the quality of Love, then you will be maintaining it and building a momentum of Love in your life and shaping a destiny of Love. That is a constructive use of the one life force which you are by nature and identity, and which surrounds you as an omnipresence.

We have entered upon the Age of Sovereignty wherein each individualization of the one God force shall become sovereign unto themselves over time and space by becoming immersed within the God Force that they are; for if you do not choose to own thyself within thy Godhood, then you shall become owned by another. And this is just the thing that is occurring for those who refuse to grow up into their godhood by becoming at one with the Life force within them, and making the right use of this One Force to build a life momentum which awakens Light and greater Life. Be not a slave to the senses and the lower human mind which seeks to perpetuate its own kingdom, but arise and strive with sincere effort and determination, persistence, strength and courage, to unleash your own god potential...the unfathomable force of Life within you that desires to express the fullness of its Love and Mercy - in you, through you, by you, for you, and as you.

Choose with thy free will to enter the doorway of the Immortals by fulfilling the Spiritual Promise of Life Everlasting.

Esu Kumara Michael

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