Friday, June 15, 2012

I have returned unto thee my beloveds...

I fulfill the role and function of an avatar; one that comes from the Primordial Source with a commission to teach and guide; to give the original approach unto the Life Principle which enfolds each and every soul personality. I’ve been given the Water of Life to give to you to benefit you in your transfiguration into light, and I am one with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter which is my very being, and which will guide you unto all Truth and personal fellowship with me; for I serve as Universe Sovereign Son, of the Order of Michael. As you partake of me through the Comforter, you allow me to work with you consciously and of one cooperative accord.

I instruct you in the right and wisest use of the threefold endowment given to humanity for their eternal freedom.  I come to help you to understand the eternal verities – eternal truths - from the pattern and intelligence of the Triune Source. I show each how to become their own authority. I am not interested to be your authority; for that would delay your progression.  I am to remind you of your Spiritual Promise – the one requirement in order to attain Harmony, Healing, and Pure Happiness.

I am come to turn your attention to the unchanging Truth of the Life Force Principle which surrounds you, enfolding you as a physical being, and it is the animating power and intelligence for all things. Each is an individualization of the Supreme Essence; to aid you in your use of the Fire Power of Love to extinguish all limitations and lack.

I've brought with me a spiritual technology . . . an approach to Truth . . . a wisdom and understanding of the way in which freedom . . . true freedom and happiness is attained; ye cannot overlay new understandings on top of the old erroneous and pre-conceived opinions about Truth, Spirit, and the original way to eternal freedom -  immortality.

Thou art the temple of the One Supreme God, and it is through the temple of the physical garment of flesh with all its imperfections that you must create a living tapestry of love which dissolves the accumulated discordantly qualified energies that you have carried with you from lifetime to lifetime; and at some certain point in time and space you are required to create the Field of Receptivity which allow you to change from a dense creature of limitation, time, and space unto the seamless garment of Light – a more unlimited expression and existence beyond the gestation stages of the womb of the Mother Earth. Then, ye shall discover sovereignty.

I teach the conscious use of the Sacred Fire of Love in purifying and refining all soul substance into light through the self-conscious application of your own divine essence. In this application, the spark of God within becomes a living flame which devours all unlike itself in divine love, forgiveness, and mercy.

Esu Kumara Michael

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