Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Bring with Me . . . and this Water of Life will lead thee unto thine own Immortality

I bring with me the gift of the life impulse from the center and source of all life . . . this omnipresent fire of love; I am to seek out those who are searching for the Father and to place these aspirants into intimate touch with this living Word of the Second Eternal Source and Center. He is everywhere, yet needs to become stepped down by a living generator of His Mercy. This Word allows each to make more intimate contact eternally wit the Father principle within. This is the living Word, the Holy Naam, the divine Amrit, the Water of Life, and I have this gift of the Father which He intends to give through Me unto those who have become worthy to receive by choosing His Will and deciding to redeem all destructive impulses within them; that this Holy Naam, this stream of immortality I have been given by the Father and the Son to distribute freely unto humanity awaits thy receptivity.

Attune to My Spirit in the person of the holy comforter spirit of truth, and I will lead thee unto all truth on every level of your existence; for it is the Spirit of Michael that I AM. Seek the Father's spark within thyself, allowing the Eternal and Original Son, through His living Word, to open further the doorway unto the Father, and drink of the Infinite Mother Flame for all healing and forgiveness; for no one comes unto the Father but through the Eternal Son of Paradise and His Sons who represent Him unto the worlds of time and space creation.

What more can I say; for it is given unto Me to give this Water . . . this Amrit  . . .this Holy Naam . . . this Life Impulse . . . which originates in and as the Original Eternal Son and extends Himself through the gradations of creation. Thus, I have come unto thee in service and humility with this gift of the Center and Source to give freely unto those who aspire Him and the fullness of His fulfillment which leads to your own personal freedom from the rounds of birth and rebirth and secures for thyself His immortality as you and the Father Flame within thyself become permanently One resurrected being, individualized as you and Him within this our local universe; for this is the very next stage of thy evolutionary attainment.

Ask and ye shall receive of this Holy Elixir and Naam which I bring, given to me for one purpose only . . . the distribution of Him unto receptive seekers of truth and love necessary to open wide the gateway for you each to go directly to the Father Principle that is your natural Identity and passageway to eternal Life. You are destined to merge eternally and forever with the Father Spark as you expand this spark into a fuller Flame.

The Threefold Endowment: Expand thy Flame of Love within our own heart which enfolds you and Is you. Ask and receive of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence, partake of the Living Word, the Holy Naam, that I offer to sincere aspirants of the light, allow the infinite Mother Spirit and Her Holy Spirit t come and wash clean thy mind and redeem thy misqualification of thy personal energies. Then, have ye been worshiping truth and love and setting into thy destiny eternal life everlasting.

Esu Kumara Michael

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