Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seeds of Immortality

A MUSTARD seed is a mighty tree, it hath beauty, it hath form.
2 Lo, the mustard tree is confined in the seed, perfect of type and complete of detail.
3 Now cometh the earthly elements to that seed, adding themselves in portions and quantities; men say that the seed germinateth and is opened so that the tree cometh out, a spear of grass at first, a mighty structure later that sheltereth many from the rays of the sun.
4 Is it not true therefore that something must have gone into the seed that was not there before?
5 Verily much hath gone into the seed; earth and air have given of their compounds, therefore have ye a tree of substance;
6 But the substance cometh to the tree by a giving on the part of such external forces, or attributes of Nature, that enhanceth its growth; thus do earth and air create.
7 What, however, have they done but made of themselves a tree?
8 Verily, my beloved, all things manufacture thus.
9 Do we give of love? thus do we have love manifesting, thus do we create love where no love was before.
10 Do we give of ourselves emotionally? thus do we create emotions.
11 Do we give of ourselves intellectually? thus doth intellect grow in others.
12 But when we come to baser things in spiritual structure, we have a queer condition. . . .
13 Man saith unto himself, I will plant a tree. He doth not plant the tree but the seed.
14 Man saith unto himself, I will create a child, I will raise up sons and make a family that my posterity may be great. But he createth no child, verily doth he fecundate a seed in the womb.
15 In life therefore there is no planting of finished product; there is only germination.
16 No physical thing groweth of itself, or is produced of itself; there is only fecundity which multiplieth of itself until it is rich unto lushness.
17 Think ye of it in physical manifestation.
18 Ye do but plant seeds and they grow, which again is to say that ye do but call into being a condition where Nature, which is etheric substance, addeth her increase as it pleaseth her to do.
19 Now this increase may come in a year, or within a moment, no matter. Increase cometh always, or increase cometh as conditions permit. It is the condition that we control, or attempt to control, not the germination.
20 Verily germination hath in it schemes of divine benefaction which cannot be enhanced by Thought alone, there being powers and purposes involved, decreeing atomic structure.
21 By this I mean, beloved, that creation as such cometh to pass because of unalterable desires on the part of Nature that would not be what they are unless they were desirous.
22 Mark this well. The plan is thought out, not from superior caprice, but of vital essence having identity. The essence is the identity, and the identity the essence; therefore is there no other scheme by which an identity getteth its essence.
23 Growth, however, is another matter; germination and fructification are both variable, since they are naught but the products of conditioning.
24 Conditions are variable, I say; they are the product of many essences, the caprice of many idealisms. Man, being what he is, hath his control over conditionings.
25 He is the conditioner, or, he is the instrument by which conditions are enhanced or retarded.
26 Is it not true that manure spread upon the ground giveth the soil properties which enhance the growth of plantings? Man, therefore, in spreading such fertilizer, enhanceth growth and hasteneth fructification.
27 In telling you these things I have a purpose. I show you how, by having love, ye do impart properties to matter that cause it to do your bidding in germination.
28 Know that men were forewarned of old that by taking thought they could accomplish miracles; they did think this meant that by concentration of the intellect came fructifications of various idealisms.
29 In that they were wrong, or they misinterpreted.
30 They were not aware that Thought and Love were of separate essences.
31 Thought is not love until it manifesteth constructively; Love is Thought constructively manifesting.
32 When I say constructively, this do I imply: Thought goeth out to know itself; it createth a condition, on finding ether, which imparteth knowledge of itself to itself; that is constructive manifestation.
33 But harken! Men know not how to love creatively in that their Thought manifesteth not constructively; that is, it seeketh not to know itself for itself that such knowledge may be of permanent profit.
34 Verily doth it manifest indeed but of a way not known to itself; thus is it impotent to create.
35 Each new entity created is Thought newly employed to know itself; thus the other is the one and the one is the other.
36 No thought ever manifesteth unto itself, seeking knowledge, without constructively creating, and that is love in its purest essence.
37 Ye do say, each one, I would create. Or rather, I would germinate constructively that a product may result.
38 But how to go about to obtain those conditions, as well as the finding of the seed, is the problem which confronteth you.
39 Know that I did take bread and break it, giving thanks unto the Father and feeding those that were enhungered, even to five thousand. What verily did I do?
40 Giving thanks unto the Father meaneth naught, for verily the Father hath no essence as such, to receive my thanks.
41 I tell you that I did but say unto myself, This bread is the seed from which increase must come. Did I not break it and hold it, to give it to the multitude? But whence came the increase?
42 I say unto you, I did love the bread and did thus impart unto it increase from myself which the multitude did eat, thinking it wheat that was grown from the land.
43 Now mark yet; The wheat-seed goeth into the ground, earth and air and the chemicals thereof add unto its stature, it ripeneth on the stalk, the stalk is cut down and prepared by the miller, it is ground into meal and made into bread.
44 These, I tell you, are man-made conditionings of substance.
45 I did say unto the wheat, using my power which is of the essence of these things, Be ye put into the land, ye seed, be ye raised up a stalk, be ye cut down and milled, be ye made into flour mixed with water and baked in an oven.
46 Did I do these things myself? verily that I did, in Thought, and I did perceive that baked bread was there; for this thing I did:
47 I eliminated Time and made the wheat to know itself of each operation by giving of myself what otherwise in Time would be added by Nature; I did become baker of a cosmic order, turning wheat into bread by process of Thought and making it to satisfy the stomach.
48 Lo, the multitude did not eat bread, except that which I first brake; it did eat of mine increase manufactured by Thought, or mine essence-conditioning, that which was offered for their stomachs.
49 I make no mystery here. I say unto you, beloved, ye can do the same. But this thing I tell you:
50 Ye will not do it until ye have mastered completely the principles of Creative Love which goeth out from you in a torrent, hour by hour, as ye will it.
51 These are mysteries to you now; lo, they will be no mysteries when they become to you as your essence.
52 I say, I give you the Power of Love, I instruct you in what Love is and how it projecteth itself in ether, thereafter do ye take any substance and give it increase by such power of germination.
53 Let me not cause you to err in this. As ye grow in Love do ye grow in stature; verily it is the truth; ye do take ether and transform it, giving yourselves the products desired whereof there is no substitute because that which is must ever be that which it seemeth to be.

Esu Kumara Michael

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