Friday, June 29, 2012

Cosmic Christ Supreme

As you breathe in and out each day and in every moment, know that right there at the breath . . . actually animating the breathing . . . is this Flame of Love, Wisdom, and Power . . . a living, intelligent, feeling, knowing, and desiring fragment of the Universal Father. When you focus your attention upon it and feel it's omnipotent radiance, it's power, and it's intelligence, it's guidance and direction through pure Will, you give it a chance to expand its blessings and power throughout your field of receptivity . . . your personal consciousness . . . your four lower bodies of expression - physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. When that Flame is allowed to take up a larger residence within your personal consciousness, then in that way, you are living the Will of the Father, and you are expanding His Kingdom in and through you. You are illuminating His creation as you say with fervent passion and sincerity, " Thy Will be done in me, through me, by me, and for me, oh great Flame of Life that I AM." You will even be able to perceive Him everywhere and acting in ad through everyone even though they may be unaware of their own divinity Flame of Life that is acting. They may be unconscious to their own Life Presence and force in and as tat Flame of Life, yet it is still acting as them. Yet, to complete your mastery of this grade level within the schoolhouse of Earth, you must consciously and with personal effort and determination, consecration and dedication, give your attention in thought and feeling to this part of your natural identity, and in that effort, you will be awakening yourself to its majestic Love, Wisdom, and Power which you can make use of in your very mundane, practical affairs during the day. In expressing Power and Consciousness we must first recognize that it is there within us, as us. And when we place our attention upon it enough, we can expand our awareness and or consciousness that we are It and that this still small fragment of God is one with every other fragment and all particles of God everywhere throughout the universes. We can gain a greater portion of god consciousness and know the One Self Supreme.

All day long, during the everyday activities that you have going on, instead of entirely placing your attention exclusively upon the outer appearances of the world, give some time to invoke this Flame of thy godhood, commanding its expansion, and asking for its healing power to wash away your mistakes, your negative conditions, and your weaknesses in habits that you may have developed over the course of hundreds of lifetimes of learning.

We are all accountable for all things that we have set into motion over time and must invoke and decree the law of redemption to bring a balance to our destructively accumulated momentums that are the misqualified energies that we have been imposing upon our Life Flame and which will continue to act until we reset their direction and vibration. When given the chance, that Flame of Life will automatically outpour its Perfection and Prosperity in us and through us. Yet, we must redeem the self-imposed misqualified energies and conditions that had been placed there over lifetimes. The redemption of our error takes place through invoking the love of the Flame that is our natural identity, and we can also very powerfully call upon the Violet Flame of forgiveness to come forth and assist the transmutation of any and all things that have been imposed as a lower frequency vibration upon the one Life Flame that is our Life and existence. In the schoolhouse of Earth, success is gaining mastery over the form and the energies

Call upon thine own Cosmic Christ Supreme Presence. This would be the God Essence of thyself existing in the higher octaves that is untouched by human imperfection. This highest part of yourself receives of the Electronic Life Force which pours out of the Great Central Sun to all life everywhere and distributes it to thyself existing within these physical octaves. This Force of Life comes into us through the etheric, mental, and emotional bodies and comes into the physical body at the point of the solar plexus and heart area. It gets distributed throughout our nervous system and all glands, and animates the very bloodstream. It is the one and only animating force giving us the capacity to think, feel, speak, and act. This is the omnipresent Supreme Being . . . the Eternal God as He extends into time and space creation. This Primordial Source and Center individualizes Itself as each one's own Cosmic Christ Presence or I AM Presence remaining in the higher octaves of pure light and extending a part of itself to all its personal realities within these lower octaves of life.

Each day, ask that highest presence of thyself to outpour its Perfection and allow this pure energy to transfigure your darkness and density, your misqualified energies. As long as you recognize that you are accountable for the qualities imposed upon the pure Life Force of thyself, then you fulfill the Law and allow healing to occur. When you do this for thyself, you are gaining mastery of the energies given to you by this Higher Presence of thyself and you are bringing balance to the 'karmas' that you have carried for perhaps eons of time and space which have created your physical circumstances and environments of each and every lifetime. Fulfilling this law by transfiguring all your misqualified energies back into the purity of Light is the resurrection and ascension process. This is what the Master Jesus came to demonstrate and to show the way . . .  the culminating process of how to evolve beyond the limitations of this grade level of earth and become an immortal being at one with the will and presence of the fragment of the Father who desires to become eternally one with each human being.

Invocation: " God I AM in the higher octaves, I desire only thy will and plan to outpicture itself. I desire to raise all misqualified energies that I've set into motion to be returned unto pure Light."

Esu Kumara Michael

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