Sunday, June 17, 2012

Commanding Matter through Love

THE world awaiteth that which is eternal; it panteth, it thirsteth, it giveth a cry that its torment shall be lessened.

2 Behold it knoweth not that unless it be foreshortened in its vision of eternal things, even to that limitation that is of flesh, it cannot know the glories that await outside of flesh.

3 Man cometh down into atoms of matter that he shall know command of matter, to learn of its substance, to deploy within it, to put it on and take it off even as a coat, to say within his own heart truthfully,

4 Verily am I superior to matter; matter is my servant; I am its conqueror; I know its limitations, but I in my spirit, rising above such limitations, observe all matter for that which it is.

5 I say unto it, Go! and behold it goeth; I say unto it, Come! and behold it cometh; thus is it subservient unto me, and I have learned the riddle of earthly cosmos.

6 Think ye, my beloved, that earthly cosmos hath other motive than to instruct? Are all God's manifestations purposeless? I tell you all creatures do gain by this thing.

7 Ye have come and gone in many bodies. Ye have witnessed many ages. Ye have seen their workings and ye have marveled.

8 What is your profit at beholding past ages? are not they all alike? doth man not labor in every land and clime? doth he not eat nourishment? doth he not vomit when his belly is sickened? hath he not a name to give unto his wife? did the goat not bleat for him in a far-off age even as at present?

9 What doth it benefit man to live eternally, life upon life, if living and observing do him no wonders? I say he shall eschew it.

10 The rocks and the seas, and the thistles and the meadows, all bear witness unto this thing: that the God of Reason, and the Lord of Mind, hath put a valiance upon the races, that each should learn of its living essence that which profiteth the soul that seeketh it, that he should be born into it, that he should see his own glories manifest in that which receiveth him as cradle to his body's benefit.

11 Further than this, I cannot tell you until that hour cometh when each shall perceive his own glories for himself.

12 Ye have heard it said by the preachers of truth that man goeth down into that sleep which is eternal; verily have they said it.

13 Ye have heard it uttered that the grave hath no voice, that none have returned to comment on its victories. Are they not liars who deal in such speech?

14 I say there is no death. I say there is transition. Hath the poet not made utterance of this truth which is majestic? The body falleth but the spirit climbeth, the foot pauseth and turneth aside to its rest in the casket;

15 Behold the soul lifteth into realms that ennoble it; it seeth itself for that which it was when earthly clay hid it and all was screened visioning.

16 The body endureth until that which it hath sought in earthly sojourn hath been rendered unto it; behold the spirit saith then unto itself, Mine errand is completed, verily will I lift the eyes of my spirit, I will see myself truly as life hath ennobled me; if so be it life hath defeated me, yet will I persevere and take my new lesson.

17 Thus shall I continue onward, ever watching the steps of my progress, giving glory unto glory, until I arrive at my Father's house, and know that my brethren are beholden to receive me, verily, verily as I have prepared myself to show myself unto them.

Esu Kumara Michael
The Golden Scripts


  1. i just got caught up, and feeling warm, with a big smile
    thank to u

  2. Dear Unknown,
    I say...go for the 'gold" of Pure Spirit so that after this lifetime you may look upon thyself with respect, dignity, and gladness that you found the eternal and the unchanging and gave yourself to It for all it is worth...May all God's power and blessing be with you going forward.


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