Thursday, June 21, 2012

Command Ye with Me Freedom for Humanity from its self created Tyranny

Command with Me the complete dissolving within the body of humanity which I AM and which thou art, all stubborn, rebellious, willfulness, and selfishness. Let it be finally and permanently removed from the human species that the race can move forward in its evolution and progression. I am commanding a change in the frequency of humanity unto the living Christ and everlasting Cosmic Buddha, in perfected alignment with the Father of all mercies.

I invite the Ascended Host and we receive thy omnipotent radiation of love and mercy to flood all the humanity and to free all from the tyranny of self created economic/financial enslavement and limitation...and the self imposed tyranny of unconsciousness and dis-empowerment. Let all step free into their own godhood and self mastery through greater understanding and dedicated conscious application of the spiritual law of redemption.

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