Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Be not dismayed by the world

The world is but a teaching tool to provoke each to take their attention away from the always changing appearances and place it upon the indwelling spark of God which we carry within us and which is our natural identity. If you are feeling depressed or struggling in any way, then it is because you have kept your attention upon the appearance world which is not possible to control or gain happiness from. This is the main purpose of being steeped in the world with its dysfunctional systems of finance, politics, religion, education, and the general societal culture which is working in opposition to God's Plan and Law of Harmony and Justice. Seek God directly within thy own awareness and learn to love and obey this Spark of Himself who resides within you enfolding you and interpenetrating you in every way. Learn to know thyself beyond the thoughts of the mind and the emotional reactions you may experience. When we lay claim to this godhood, we begin to own ourselves and in turn, nothing can or will own us in our minds and hearts. We quicken all our energies unto His all-pervading Light which becomes a great great protection for us. This is the protection offered by God. Although all is made of the fabric of the Eternal Source and Center . . . the Primordial Father Creator, Everlasting Son, and the Ever present Infinite Spirit, the appearance world is subject to constant change much of which cannot be controlled by us because we are sharing in the collective consciousness of the human species . . . all the thoughts, feelings, and spoken words of every person within the human race. Yet, when we raise all densities into Light and reacquaint ourselves with His vibratory feeling and thought, His Consciousness and His Presence, we are able to transcend the enslavement that exists and walk within His Grace and the awareness that you are intimately connected to the omnipresent Life Force. Find the desire each day to remain fixed within and upon the spark of God and through your thought and feeling you will fan this spark into a greater Flame of Love and Mercy. For that attainment you need not go to a priest or guru, and you need not belong to anyone or anything but God Himself. No one can do this for you...but you. I am here to support the attainment, yet each must make the necessary and conscious effort to make the connection and build that relationship.

Stir your own personal awareness through the right use of your thought and feeling nature by placing thy attention upon Him right within you and build a bridge which will expand thyself into a fuller consciousness of God. There will always be more God to awaken to, yet in this here and now upon the earth while still in the body of flesh you can make great great progress in your development and awareness of Him. This sort of progress you take with you even after your short lifetime. Although, it is not necessary to die physically and it is not the original plan and design for human beings. Resurrection and ascension are the plan and this means that each day we are calling upon the Christ Flame of Love...the Universal Love come into our field of receptivity and to change the density into Light, to speed up the movement of the electrons within our atomic structure so that all Substance of Him is vibrating closer and closer unto pure Light and Life. You are seeking to raise your vibration closer unto the Spark of God within thy being and then, at the end of this lifetime, you will merge eternally within that Spark and become ascended and permanently free.

This is the purpose of the invocations I have shared with each one of you. Invoking the Great Light in whatever words seem right for you, will speed up the electrons, quickening the atomic structure, erasing lifetimes of karmic imbalances which have accumulated within your field of receptivity and which you carry with you from lifetime to lifetime until that lifetime when you raise all substance into Light and Life. This is the redemption and the plan of salvation spoken of throughout the centuries. It is dependent solely upon each one...each soul...each and every person must make the conscious effort to raise their energies back into Light so that you experience directly that you are sons and daughters of Pure Light...pure Goodness...pure Love...and Pure Mercy and Kindness and the consciousness that you are pure consciousness, at one with the universal whole by becoming one with the Spark of God. This consciousness blossoms as you embrace all things within yourself - the shadowy parts of thyself and the Lighter parts as well...embrace all and raise all through invocation and decree, and through claiming right now that you and the spark of God are the very same One...even if you are not able yet to experience your oneness, still you claim it and then redeem the density that is blocking your direct experience of unity with the spark within thee. Do not wait until you have an experience of god within you. Claim it now and command the negative conditions to become transfigured. Use the Violet Transmuting flame of Mercy and Forgiveness by calling upon this Ray of Light and asking for it to come and transfigure your heavier feelings and negative thoughts. You can say, " I AM pure Violet Transmuting Fire", and as you invoke this with deeper feelings and steady thought held firmly upon this ideal, you will get a great response from this Flame of Mercy; for the Flame is the energy of the Infinite Spirit stepped downward into and through the Mother and further stepped down through the great Chohan or Master, Saint Germain who directs this ray of forgiveness for human beings to progress and transfigure the density and all that is in opposition to greater love and awareness.

Claim thy identity in Him right now and command all obstructions to this love and mercy and awareness to become quickened into Light. This is the way to escape from the race consciousness of fear and doubt and slavery. You must claim thyself and command thyself into His presence. Through applying these decrees to your field of receptivity...your personal will gradually CLAIM IT and begin to work out of you the conditions that are holding you unaware of the fullness of your divinity in Him, of Him, through Him, and by Him. Make that ever powerful choice to give your human free will into His keeping so that you give the Spark of eternity the chance to help you work out your imbalances...your 'karmas' from all lifetimes. Then are you victorious and then are you stepping free into a greater life, a greater vibratory sphere while still walking within the flesh body of the earth realm.

I come in the Name of the One God...

Esu Kumara Michael

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