Thursday, May 24, 2012

Living this Ideal Gives us Happiness

Imagine being something or someone and not knowing that you are that very something or someone. Would that not cause immense problems? This is the very condition that human civilization finds itself in today. We are each individualizations of the One God through the Force of Life within us that animates our every thought, feeling, spoken word, and action. You and I could not take one breath without having that God Force Presence and Power animating us in every way as physical beings. So, from the physical body point of view, the one animating power is within us. From the point of view of the God force, we are that force of Life and Light and Love. We are this threefold Flame of Love, Wisdom, and Power in microscopic stature. We are a wave within the great Ocean of Being and we are also personalized with mind, feelings, memories, purpose, direction, and intent . . . if we allow that purpose to be this: actualizing all that we are as personalizations of divinity and actualizing all that we are as creatures of mortality by becoming immortal. We are meant to spiritualize everything by raising upward the vibratory frequency until we meet the Christ or Buddha of ourselves. That is purpose and direction. That ideal will give to you the motivation and the hunger and the thirst to strive to attain and also to allow yourself to claim your divinity even right now. This is the paradox that bewilders human beings; that we are this and that we must become this actualized being by conscious effort and desire. Desire is the god principle in action if it is desire for constructive actualization and manifestation of this ideal of unity and alignment.

In the morning when I awaken, the very first thing that I do is connect with this ideal...of actualizing, of raising the vibratory sovereignty of all my being, of quickening the frequency of my 'field of receptivity' into light and greater glory of the God Force...the enfolding and interpenetrating God Force that animates all things everywhere simultaneously. I make a very subtle shift back into recognizing that I AM the Ocean of Being . . . the Being behind all beings. I give my deeply felt acknowledgment and recognition to the Universal Father Creator at the Center and Source of all things and also His lifestream fragment right within me that I AM. I communicate with the Eternal Son of the Center and Source who extends Himself as the Living Word all-pervading everything and everywhere. I connect and ask for the Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth to lead me into greater Truth and fellowship with the Spirit of Michael. I raise my awareness unto the Infinite Spirit at the Center and Source who is the Source of all minds and the power of God acting in ministration throughout the universes. He is personalized as the very Infinite Mother Spirit or Holy Spirit which is all-pervading and is centered at the headquarters of this Local Universe - the Great Central Sun which is the distributing center and source for this local universe. I connect with this Mother Flame and Her associates in the angels and Masters Ascended. I may connect with the Archangels or the Elohim or just with one Elohim such as Purity Elohim who embodies Purity and I bring that quality of Purity into and throughout my field of receptivity . . . my personal consciousness that is . . . allowing myself to become more receptive by purifying the density that is wedged between the electronic substance of my atomic levels. I also call upon the Violet Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness and ask for that Flame or Decree for this very Flame to come into and through my field of receptivity to transmute or transfigure the density still existing there which is slowing down the electronic movement of my fields and causing my vibratory sovereignty to become slowed down. Remember, I am making the conscious effort to quicken my fields of receptivity into a high enough vibratory sphere so that I am at one with the Christ or Buddhic Principle, so that at the end of this round of lifetime learning, I will merge into this Higher Self taking my field of receptivity into Light. I am creating a seamless garment of life everlasting so that the physical body is transfigured and becomes resurrected into a new body made of the immaculate conception of pure light. I am working each day on raising the body of humanity which I AM and which you are into the fullness of His Light and Life. I am transcending physical body death and extinguishing all traces of disease and death and separation from the One God force as I create this new cosmic body of Light with eternal capabilities that can travel the universe and visit many galaxies and many other civilizations.

I share this with you so that you have a greater glimpse into my own daily approach into sovereignty with God. And in accomplishing this great feat of ours, I am unaffected by the changes of the world. I care not for the political, financial, religious, educational man-made systems of the world. They give to me nothing and I give nothing to these effects of the world. I await the greater Light from the higher octaves to come flooding the Earth and quickening all things into His Perfection. Only through the One God force can humanity solve their problems. So each day I am busy raising and quickening and holding as much harmony in my feelings as possible. If things come up that are negative or any sort of againstness in my thought, I immediately refocus back into the Omnipresence and I call upon the Flame of Love to transfigure the negativity, to glorify God within my own field of receptivity.

My intent is to quicken my vibratory rate more and more each day into the immaculate conception . . . the conception or ideal that God Himself holds for me throughout eternity. These I share with each one of you reading my posts each day so that you can generate the ideas of how to use the invocations and decrees, how to focalize your attention and intention so that you are gaining the most from your human experience. At the end of this earth lifetime you will be brought to the Council to review and discuss many things. You will have a chance to see your own 'book of life' . . . which exists within and as your field of receptivity and holds all energies, all memories, all impure thoughts and feelings that you have yet to transfigure back into pure Light and Life. So take this time and do all that you can to redeem your energies which have become less than the ideal and you'll be amazed at how happy you will become here and now and in the hereafter, knowing that you've used your time in the utmost way to further your own actualization of the Ideal.

In my time here, I seek to use my time and space for this and do you know what has transpired over the years? I have created virtually an unlimited amount of time and space to do this. I am free to come and go with all the time and all the space I need. If you are feeling imposed upon my the lack of time and space, then, if you make this shift for yourself wherever in the world that you are, your time and space will shift . . . and you are guaranteed to create greater space and greater time to worship and love God and become just like Him in every way.

We are each and all made of the very same fabric of creation...the same substance...the very same electronic force is being used by each one of us, and when we do draw this force to us and imprint it with our qualities through the focused attention of the beam of our consciousness, then we impose upon these immaculate electrons or units of Light, and we are 100% responsible for what we set into motion. You can recall each and every intelligently feeling and consciously desiring electron that you have ever used and imposed upon it destructive or negative qualities, and you can recall these particles of intelligent God Force and desire to redeem each one back into the glory of the pure Light and Life that it was existing in before it came into your field of receptivity and was imposed upon by you with human destructive qualities or qualities of lack and confusion, misunderstanding, resentments, jealousies, angers, hatreds, anxieties, fears, doubts - these are all working in opposition to the ideal that I share with you here - of actualizing yourself in all that you are from personality to divinity . . . all that you are must eventually become actualized into conscious recognition of being part and whole within the Ocean of God. It is a never-ending, infinite, and eternal expansion and realization that just doesn't end at the close of your earth lifetimes. Always will we be actualizing, transmuting, transfiguring from the lesser to the greater. Recalling these electrons that you have used over the course of hundreds and thousands of lifetimes is choosing to clear the 'karmas' . . . the misqualifications of this one god force which we have each used over time. The redeeming of each of these electrons is living the ideal, is working the ideal, and brings to you victory and attainment. It allows you to bring a balance to your misuse of the god force that you have used over time. When you do bring completion to this imbalance, you are then setting yourself up to graduate from the school of Earth. You have chosen to become a conscious co-creator with God. Then He can let you out of the playpen of Earth.

Wait not to claim your divinity in oneness with the god force within you. claim it now even though you may not feel or believe it fully or know this as a experience and fact of your life. claim it now in faith and truth, and then actualize it as a fact for your life by redeeming the electrons that are Light that have been trapped in matter by your misuse of the Law of Love wherein we are called to create only love and mercy because this is what the Triune Source and Center - the three Persons of the Creator - do in all moments . . . and we must desire to actualize ourselves into the fullness of this ideal - to create love and mercy in all our expression and to bring a responsible balance to all that we had set into motion that accidentally became destructive or unloving.

So, I work each day to actualize my own divinity and to align my own personality, my own mind and feelings, my own misqualifications of the god force . . . I focus each day to actualize this into greater and fuller alignment, and I do this through invocation, decree, focused attention, and desire. Each day and in each moment I am using my time and space to glorify God that I AM right within me. As I glorify God I AM, I am actualizing the Supreme God of creation and allowing Him to expand the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven. It gives me fulfillment and purpose, direction and an ideal to live by and to attain in each moment.


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