Monday, May 14, 2012

Omnipresent Universal Light

Omnipresent Universal Light is everywhere present and directly imminent right within us, enfolding us, and anchored right within our heart area. We can expand the Fire of Love within this Universal Light right within us and have it expand into all the cellular and atomic substance within our subtle bodies. We can quicken the atomic substance of electrons so that they are moving aorund the central core at light speed. We will never even come close to physical death if we raise these subtle bodies into the speed of light and life. We can raise these bodies into the frequency of permanent Light, eternal Light, everlasting Life. This is the plan of salvation through the law of redemption given to humanity for their upliftment and enlightenment. The Universal Light desires to expand its Kingdom throughout creation - a Kingdom of Harmony and Order, Happiness and Love. The Kingdom of Heaven! We are each this one Universal Light individualized and personalized as Us. Changing the density and darkness of our own subtle bodies into Light is the fulfillment of the law of redemption. It is the true purpose and meaning of human life. It is the law of compensation and balance in action to transfigure the imperfection and discord into Light and Harmony.

. . . and as I have shared with you before in times of old, I will say it again right here for you who are taking the devoted time to read and study: "When thine eye become single, thy whole body shall become as Light." Contemplate this that I give unto thee and allow yourself to expand and grow unto the fullness of your potential in the Father, Son, and Spirit of thy holy Selfhood.



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