Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love Is

Love is what I feel when I give it out or express it. The true Love happens, not when I receive it from somewhere else or someone else. Love is my nature and identity. Love is the Life Force of God or Spirit. When I choose to express Love and Mercy, I feel it immediately and I feel empowered with strength and confidence and Self-esteem. I've chosen with my free will to live my nature and identity. The more Love and Mercy I generate to give out freely, the more I actualize and make a living fact the Supreme God actualizing Himself.

The road to real power and love and intelligence is when I give it out even despite outer circumstances or people who may deserve it or not. That would be a judgment which I don't have to make inside me. Just express it, unleash it to be in my integrity and experience that I feel the power of Love. I give it out because its my nature and because I am loving Life everywhere present. Its because I perceive Me everywhere, and I behold that all things are within Me. That Omnipresent Selfhood is imminent and available to perceive because it includes everything within Me and me within everyone and everything. So, to give to others is to receive Love and Mercy; as I am feeling my own being and identity and nature. I am identifying with the Originating Creator Father, Everlasting Son, and the Infinite all-pervasive Spirit Mind and Power of the Triune Center and Source . . .

Even when I may feel contracted in any way whatsoever, deciding to express Love and Mercy is the single most self-empowering act that can be given by us; for it is Love and Mercy that is the coagulating Force that binds and holds all things together. In this way, as Love is expressed, we bind to us more of the very same quality and consciousness. Love is the transfiguring force of all Life. The Flame of Life within your heart is continually pouring forth its emanation of pure energy which it is given from the higher Self, and the qualities created through the use of thought and feeling and spoken word create vibration which each individual is responsible for. The conscious or unconscious direction of our thoughts and feelings set into motion vibration which accumulates with momentum within the 'field of receptivity' . . . the personal consciousness . . . of the individual and continue to act until the individual changes the vibration of the energies which he or she set into motion. This is physics, and you might say, universal physics which acts throughout the universes of creation. Energy can only be set into vibration through the activity of self conscious directive intelligence such as you or I, or angels or ascended individuals who have eternally aligned with God in their free will and expression.

When discord shows up in the experience of an individual's life, it is the pure Energy of the individual which has been poured forth and has made contact with the thoughts and feelings of the individual and has been changed or qualified downward in its vibratory purity; and it is this energy which should be pouring forth harmoniously if not for the imposition of the individuals choices of where they have placed their attention. This is the understanding of human free will choice and how it shapes destiny for everyone. No one can escape from this universal law of life.

Now, through the use of the Sacred Fire of this Cosmic Love and Mercy called into action by the individual, he or she can change the lowered vibration back into its original purity. Well, how simple is that? All discord and disharmony can be changed to love and mercy when the individual chooses to call upon love and mercy and forgive and ask for the discord to become transfigured. As long as the person takes ownership for having set that experience of disharmony into motion, then the Law can be fulfilled and the lowered vibration can be raised. However, if we erroneously believe that someone or something other than ourselves has caused the disharmony in us or around us in our life, then the law cannot be fulfilled, and we continue on in unconscious separation in that area of our field of consciousness wherein we have failed to take ownership for our creative power and responsibility. Yet, there are always other opportunities to take that quantum leap forward in full accountability and empowerment as an individualization of the Supreme God which we are. 

For each one of you who have been learning from my sharing with you about the plan and the law of life, I do pray for you in that you continue moving onward and ever upward. There is no ceiling on this teaching because Sovrnty Temple and Retreat and the teachings I share reveal the progressive ascension and attainment for humanity. Always and forever will we be progressing and attaining a further revelation of our own divinity, and in turn, we give the chance for the God of time and space creation (the Supreme) to also actualize His potential throughout the universes of time and space creation; the plan for our local universe to become actualized in its full Light and Love comes one step closer each time an individual or planet, solar system or galaxy or constellation, enters fully into the majesty of Love and God Light.

All praise and glory, all credit and honor unto thee eternal Father, Son, and Spirit. May all understand and choose to go further in thy great plan of salvation and atonement.

Esu Kumara Michael

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