Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Creating a Sacred Labor during Mundane Work Time

“As you are able to place your attention on God, the labor takes on a whole new perspective and you are able to engage in those times of work and toil with the renewed Spirit that lifts it up and it is no longer the secular labor - but becomes your Sacred Labor, for it is imbued with the Light of your heart - touching every aspect of your activity.

“You will find then, that those who you interact with, even if they do not know of your spiritual beliefs - and why should they; this is not the cycle and time. You are there to perform a work. You perform your work graciously, joyously, efficiently. And at the end of the day you leave with a glow on your face, and your co-workers say: ‘How can this be? Why are they so joyous?’ And you come again the next day and you enter the work place, and there is still that Joy on your face and in your step, and it remains to the end of the day - and on and on, day in and day out. What a mystery to the co-worker. ‘How do I achieve this?’ they say.

“When they ask, you may tell. For they will be ready to receive, and they will have seen the example of the Law. Setting the example as the true Initiate on the Path is the greatest Work that you can do.

Beloved Maitreya

Courtesy of: Temple of the Presence

It is also shared with you in full at: Sovrnty Temple and Retreat Blog Site

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