Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Through this Divine Plan of Salvation and the fulfillment of the Law through Right Action of the Law of Redemption, we are destined for greater progressive Perfection; it is our divine inheritance waiting to be given once we have prepared a place to receive of Him.

In this Threefold Atonement and Initiation into Life Everlasting, we build a Living Tapestry . . . the Seamless Garment of Eternal Light establishing immortality at the close of this lifetime or the very next. This is the Demonstration and Teaching given by the Master Jesus as he underwent the Transfiguration of human density into Light, the Resurrection unto the Higher Christ Body of Light, and the Ascension back unto His Universal God Self. It is the God-given way that the Creative Center and Source has designed to expand the Kingdom of Light and Life. It is the understanding of this Great Infinite Law of Life and its Conscious Application that awakens the completion of the Threefold Atonement.

We weave this Garment of Life Everlasting out of the imperfections of the Garment or Body of mortal flesh; and it must be attained while we are still in the human form. This is our demonstration that we understand the mastery of how to redeem all things unto Light through perfected attunement with the Father's Will and Intent. It is the curriculum and completion of form through the art and science of Precipitation and Etherealization. This is the way of Salvation, the truth of Redemption, the life of the Threefold Initiation of Atonement unto Eternity.

This Plan of Salvation and the fulfillment of the Law of Redemption brings upon us eternal life everlasting established by our cooperation with divine will and law before we even touch the hem of physical death. We bypass physical body death through our mastery and cooperation. This is the Full Forgiveness of all error set into motion by us over lifetimes of using the immaculate and pristine Life Force that is within us and which we are in our true identity and nature, in order to create all of your lifetime experiences. We heal all destructive momentums and accumulations of error.

It is a certainty that all paths lead to this culminating fulfillment. It is this Initiation into Light and Life Everlasting that must be attained in order to progress beyond the Earth curriculum of pleasure and pain, birth and death in the creative use of the individualization of God. It is the fulfillment of the Spiritual Promise given by Christ Jesus: ‘to have life more abundant’, to do the works of the Sonship of the One Christ so that, ‘the things that I do, ye too shall do, and even greater’ and ‘he who believes as I believe shall have Life Everlasting.’

It is how the bride and the bridegroom unite eternally; it is the way in which the pre-personal fragment of the Father unites with the personalized soul to become a greater being with eternal capability; we become raised up into the next stage of our progressive evolutionary career unto Paradise by learning of this vision of the Christ Intelligence for the Body of Humanity.

Upon the complete and full Atonement we become a Conscious Individualization of the Supreme Essence. We cross the bridge unto Life Everlasting and begin our journey out from the womb of the Mother and the gestation period of earth life in this ritual of the threefold initiation of Atonement - transfiguration, resurrection, and ascension. It is the path of the Ascended Masters whereby we identify the obstructions to Love and we consume this density in order to lighten up and prepare to receive in greater measure.

The Law of Redemption is applied in this atonement process. It is a science and an art to attain and must be understood correctly to apply towards immortality.

Physical body death is not what Jesus taught and is not a part of the divine plan for human beings. In this threefold initiation of Atonement which is the attunement to the Plan of Salvation and the fulfillment of the Will of the Father, we transcend birth and rebirth and establish within eternal Life Everlasting - Immortality.


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