Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You are the Supreme God Individualized

You are the Supreme God individualized. As you claim this realization, you are augmenting the power, presence, and potential of the Supreme One God of the time space creation. God the Supreme is a manifestation of the Trinity Source and Center as He reaches outward from the Center and Source into Creation. It is the way that the three Persons of the Trinity extend their reach of love, mercy, and divine action. 

Being that you and I are each Self Conscious Directive Intelligence because there is nothing else to be but this Supreme Essence, you must with determination erase all obstructions to this realization of God thou art; a part of the divine One with eternal capability to reach further and further into the divinity that is ever infinite and eternal. The nearest doorway to enter this is right within your own heart and the animating power and presence that exist there.

As you breathe consciously, take notice and give recognition to this Life Force and animating power. This spark of the Eternal Father can become expanded into a fuller flame that devours all obstructions to itself. This is the transfiguration of all density into light. It is the fulfillment of the spiritual promise which propels you unto life everlasting while here within the garment of flesh and bone. This initiation must be attained while you are within the human garment. It calls each to raise energetically their four lower bodies into the seamless garment of eternal light.

With single-minded determination, conscious directed demand upon the Supreme Essence to come forth and embody you as a person, expectation from deep faith and confidence in knowing with greater certainty each day that you are attaining the fulfillment of your potential as a divine and human being. In this way the mortality of the human puts on the immortality of the divine. The two become one in the sacred marriage of the ages. The pre-personal flame within you becomes personalized as you, and the limited human person becomes a divine personage with greater capability to master and express the light and life of the Father Presence.

Is there a greater purpose anywhere to be found than claiming your inheritance as a son or daughter of the Infinite One?

Be Well and be One with Him who dwells within you and as you,
Esu Kumara

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