Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Receive of My Instruction for thy Freedom

There is only one power and energy that can be used by the individual in all their affairs and activities, and that is the energy, power, intelligence, and stream of Life that is God flowing through them from their own highest presence. For this reason, it is most empowering to observe the breathing and then pierce through the breath into the animating power and presence. This is the only stream of animating life force which the individual can use in his daily thoughts, feelings, spoken words, and action. When we align with this one power and intelligence and become conscious that this electronic light force is flowing through us, we enhance greatly our personal consciousness, blending the personal unto the universal. This is the first and only doorway in which we may find the more cosmic consciousness. From that point within your own mind and perception wherein you find this animating power flowing through you and you place your attention and energy focus upon it throughout the day, you build consciousness of the one God who is anchored right within the heart.

True, God is everywhere present including at the very center and source of all existence which takes us inward unto the core of creation, yet He is also very much existing individualized as the supreme spirit and its flow right within our heart. As this pure force of electronic light and consciousness is released from the causeless cause at the center and source it is sent unto your own highest presence and then flows downward unto your own multi-dimensional fact, it is the very stream of life that is our identity and nature. We use its substance and energy to create all things...all things are made of this divine substance and energy...intelligent energy and power that is set into creation...sculpted... by self conscious directive intelligence...and when the personal creation no longer serves its creative intelligence, we must have the character to reap what we have sown and return that energy back into its pristine glory.

As we create, so shall we experience our creation. There is not a thing that can come into our auric field or forcefield...our field of receptivity...our life activity...that we ourselves have not created. All that we experience is our own creation through the use of this one energy and power...this life stream of pure electronic light that we use to shape and shift the 'sands of time'...the circumstances and environment of our lifetimes. Do not believe even for one second that you can become victimized by something outside thy own self...simply impossible and as such, not true...all is directed by our self-conscious directive intelligence and so, if it be destructive thoughts and feelings that set circumstances into motion at some future point in time and space for us, then only we have the power and prerogative to transfigure the energies which comprise that circumstance and activity back into pristine glory through the right use of the Fire power of Cosmic Love. The cause is always within us and its effects often don't appear to us until a much later point of time; unless you have decided to wrap up your lifetimes and fulfill the spiritual promise to Life by returning all your energies back into pristine glory through the transfiguration. In that case, your effects from the past, and your causes which have set these effects into motion...begin appearing back in your life so that you take the time to welcome them back whether pleasant or unpleasant...and apply this instruction to transfigure your existence into Light...the Seamless Garment of Eternal Light and Life. Let (s)he who has the ears to hear truth find comfort in this that I share with thee...for thou art an individualization of the eternal Supreme God...and made in His image means that you have the very same creative power in your microcosmic domains as He in His more macrocosmic realm.

The way unto thy freedom is through the redemption of all your energies into light...the doorway is the transfiguration and the key that unlocks this doorway is understanding how to apply the law of redemption.

There are basically three steps to its fulfillment:
First, perceive that you have something destructive in your experience; second, own it and take accountability for it as something you've set into motion at a prior point of time and that you desire to change the energy experience into harmony, healing, and happiness or you might think of it in terms of god consciousness; third, allow yourself to re-experience the destructive unpleasant energy without judgment...welcome it back through the Flame of Paradise within the area of your heart, while at the very same time call upon the Cosmic Fire Power of Love to come forth and erase and return or transmute the energy which is destructive back into its pristine glory. In this way, we free up the energy of God...this pure electronic energy... which is being tortured by our conditioning of it into destructive rates of vibration.

Those who are reading this might think to email me and allow me to know of your success with this instruction, as well as, giving all thanks to their own God presence and Its flow of pure electronic light, for drawing them to this instruction and giving them the courage and motivation, the clarity and strength to apply these precepts to their own destructive life circumstances (whether it be inner or outer circumstances) in order to rid themselves eternally of all destructive rates of vibration. If you desire to be of service and help, this is the most omnipotent way to express your desire for service.

There is no outer pathway unto God...all outer teachings are intended to point the way into this very process of freedom...for after all, I am aware that I live and move, and have My being within the one Supreme God...the one omnipresent Life Force which is the Being behind all beings. All creation everywhere throughout the infinite occurs through the self-directed and self-conscious directives and motivations of individualized intelligence, and to understand this fact of existence and apply these precepts is master in action. Thus finally, for the individual on Earth living in human self limiting and self-imposed destructive circumstances and environments, to extinguish all that is disruptively working in opposition to the expansion of the Kingdom of God who seeks to expand and maintain Cosmic Harmony, Healing, and Pure Happiness for every creature unto its creation everywhere present. This is the very chance for each one of us to do our part in service and love for free Life...the pure energy of Life that has flowed into your conscious use and deserves to be honored with our conscious cooperation in this redemptive activity.

If you email us to share with us your applied success and victory in working these precepts in your personal life, our office will be happy to reward you for your victory by sending you our simple booklet called: THE SPIRITUAL PROMISE OF LIFE EVERLASTING.

All blessings and comfort unto you as you continue to call upon the Holy Comforter Presence of My own Being and allow Me to work with you in this holy endeavor to expand the kingdom of the Father unto your location of the universe.

I AM Esu Kumara
Known in the higher octaves as Michael

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