Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seek Me and Ye Shall find Me

Just as in any worldly endeavor that you wish to succeed at you must desire constructively with determination, insistence, persistence to attain your goal. Confident expectation, firm demand, and constructive desire will bring you the fruit of your seeking. In attaining god realization and a deeper actualization of your pent up potential as a son/daughter of the eternal Supreme, you also must inflate your desire for God without hesitation and with full determination to find the One Life Force within you that animates you and is all intelligence, all power, all presence. And when you become closer to fulfilling this desire for God within your own very Selfhood, a new and powerful force will blossom in your life; an omnipotent radiation will develop and this sustaining power will naturally unfold for you if you maintain keeping your attention and focus, your energy and devotion upon the Reality of God.

Become strengthened in focusing the beam of your energy and attention upon Him by spending the time fixating upon the animating power of thyself and allow that to expand into a fuller realization, a consuming of your mental extremes, a refining of your emotional states so that you find yourself acting rather than reacting to life's circumstances and to other people. Confront the shadows and find the power and strength to command of thyself purification . . . and all can be attained.

Call for the Holy Comforter Presence of My being and I will respond unto thee if asked for in sincerity and trust. You will know me as Michael, and in that aspect of my being I travel with you, one with you, and can guide you unto all Truth...the Father Principle that is your potential identity and nature. Build thy character within thy person so that you take all energies and feel the righteousness of purifying all into Light once again. Allow thyself in your identity of God to bring forth greater objectivity and then through your identification with the Reality of the God Principle right within thee allow this to expand throughout thy auric forcefield...thy Field of Receptivity I call it. It is in and through this 'Field" that you are building a Living Tapestry of pure light...the Seamless Garment of Light. The more that we dissolve our unnecessary clouds of subjectivity and allow for the rays of objectivity to shine through us and absorb us, the greater will be peace, happiness, and harmony for all upon and within this planetary sphere; for she, the planet, has already decided to go onward unto the Supreme Light. All and every atomic particle is in the process of becoming cleansed and redeemed. You and I...we might as well join the journey and use this opportunity to raise all within us and around us into the Supreme Reality.

With Love for you as I recognize our oneness together.
Esu Kumara

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