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The Origins of Kumara Yoga of the Himalayas

Esu teaches a blending of several Yogic philosophies through Kumara Yoga: Bhakti, Vedanta, Karma, Jnana, Kriya, Dhyana, Shabd, and the Creative Fire of Kundalini Yoga, as well as a few others. It is a perfect blending of ancient daily asanas that awaken and apply this primordial fire of love. Daily practice is structured in four phases - preparation to receive, receiving, distribution of the energies through our systems, and living the yoga consciously.

The ancient precept of the Kumaras in its purest form is Kumara Yoga. This yoga concentrates upon linking deep breathing exercises, traditional breath of fire expansions into and through the Electronic Substance, chanting, conscious communion with reality, inner flexibility and inner posturing, outer physical stretches and positioning which augments the inner, yet it is through the inner positioning of our consciousness in relation to the Godhead, mindfulness in our daily activities, inner concentration and inquiry; leading to deepening the expansion of spiritual insight and divine perception.

Kumara Yoga shows the practitioner this very fact of nature: that the single greatest cause of suffering and pain in a person's life is the focus upon what is transient and unreal. When we learn the artful science of building our focused attention upon the Truth and Reality of Life, all problems vanish as if they never existed. We do this through a daily practice of very specific exercises which change the vibrational nature of the physical you more into alignment with the non-physical You that is one with Source.

Kumara Yoga recognizes that the Source, as us, is evolving in us, by us, through us, and as us - through our physical experiences, desires, and choices to move our vibrational energies into deeper union. Yoga is divine union, not with something outside and separate from us, but with the deeper part of our own energy that is more non-physically present.

There is no need to approach life with the attitude that we must set anything or anyone straight, or show them the error of their ways or correct their course in life. We are each the furthermost extension of that which is Source Energy - loving, intelligent, and the very power of the Universe.
We experience a constant and consistent expansion as this Energy Divine even when we are unaware of our existence within the non-physical realms. We, as this pure Consciousness perceive life from our unique vantage point or perspective, and this allows for the expansion of the Universe. Through the power of our desires, hopes, dreams, intentions, and ideas, we are deliberately creating manifestation.

Kumara Yoga focuses our thought into the mastery of the yogic principles of union with the inner being of ourselves. Our thoughts when held with love and passion, enthusiasm and faith, are able to mature into physical manifestation. The same precepts can be utilized for creating inner consciousness and yogic mastery or outer physical manifestations that enhance our life and world.

When we experience joy, love, exhilarating feelings of bliss, eagerness to achieve, clarity of mind and heart and vitality in our physical body, then this is evidence that we are living the inner potential and we are in vibrational alignment with the Source of our being.

Kumara Yoga has several specific disciplines that can be fun and enjoyable, not so serious, yet deeply fulfilling to practice each day. Inner freedom is matured through some sort of discipline. Everything and everyone is in a constant state of becoming, expanding, and awakening more of the inherent potential of themselves - as the Universe itself, the Source Energy of Life.

These precepts to living a full and empowered life - regenerating and healing all energies within us - had been kept secret from the masses for many centuries due to the possibility of its misuse. While much of the yogic modern day traditions are a wonderful way to bring forth greater health and physical strength and well being, mental health, and emotional renewal - Kumara Yoga builds great inner confidence, self understanding and realization. That is where it begins.

The keys or precepts were handed down from an adept or avatar to the student-aspirant only after having passed many initiations to prove their commitment and devotion to its right use. Self-realization in Kumara Yoga offers a very practical way to bring deep connection spiritually with our inner nature, and so, it is also a blending of Zen mindfulness and certain Taoist practices.

Kumara Yoga takes some of its precepts from the Bhakti Sutras which teach building true and real love for God; for no other reason than to merge our whole selves into His Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence - and that is an Infinite journey ever more fully into the Primordial being behind all beings. This is Prema Yoga, which means love of God for no other reason but 

that we desire to be with Him. Ultimately, this yogic focus brings happiness and fulfillment to the student regardless of the outer changes and instability of living life in the modern world.

Kumara yogic practice and daily application brings full empowerment to those sincere students who desire inordinately, union with the divine in every way. The awakening of the pure Life force and the right use of its distribution throughout the body will tend to heal, bless, prosper, educate, and enlighten all who are dedicated to their own return to Wholeness in every way possible.

Kumara Yoga builds a solid foundation of Truth on every level through the strenuous disciplines required of the aspirant; the foundation of the Kumaras four precepts necessary to purify and empower are:  Sacrifice - Surrender - Selflessness - Service

The Kumaras came to Earth in response to a call from developing humanity, which at that time was at a crossroads and ready to advance in both spiritual and mundane wisdom. They brought the requisite knowledge, as well as the teachings of how to awaken and develop the evolutionary force, the primordial creative fire energies, which normally lies dormant within the individual because each person holds the gift of free will and may choose how they wish to use or not this life force to qualify their energy and life circumstance. The creative force is constantly pouring itself forth into the life of the individual, yet it is up to us how we wish to make use of it – for constructive evolutionary progression or for less than that. Through awakening this power the higher functions of the brain were eventually developed and much of humanity was then able to understand higher spiritual precepts and function inter-dimensionally and universally.  This is the awakening of the Primordial Creative Force of Life. It alone has the power and intelligence to take the student from where they are to where they wish to be in their life.

All of these great experiences can often occur as the student learns the art of continual communion with the all-pervading Spiritual Force. Relationship with the Source of all life and the Creator of all existence is the single most powerful strategy to attain the awakening of this Life Force and its right use. By achieving atonement with the Spark of the Source within us, we can bring forth these energies for our betterment and certainly for the upliftment of our life and the lives we are able to touch more unconditionally with Love.

This matriarchal wisdom included numerous disciplines for opening the heart, as well as practices for awakening the Goddess as the serpentine Creative Fire energies become fully mobile within the individual, accelerating the atomic structure and offering a quantum evolutionary jump forward in development, transmuting a person into a god or goddess. 

Collectively these disciplines form various branches of Yoga, which the Hindu Puranas maintain were first taught on Earth by the Kumaras. Esu brings forward the ancient and original principles and precepts of this yogic approach to union with the divine essence in Kumara Yoga. Its essential goal takes the student into an accelerated growth from the restraints of duality into non-duality; beyond the pairs of opposites or the extreme states of mind. Its precepts have established the sincere student with an attainment of the goals within Advaita Vedanta Yoga, blending the secrets of awakening the Creative Life Force and extending this Force through the physical body, mind, and emotions to create and establish vibrant, radiant health physically, mental and emotional clarity and union with the greater thoughts of love and joy, faith and bliss, and a pure state of unconditional consciousness. But that is just the beginning! For the ultimate goal and attainment of Kumara Yoga establishes an ascendant mastery talking the adept into and through a more conscious use of the flame of their own divinity.

One of the primary goals of the Kumaras was to teach developing humanity the path of love. They knew that the primary reason for the creation of Earth was for souls to experience and ultimately become one with love. Having come from Venus, the Planet of Love, the Kumaras were themselves pure love and therefore the best teachers of the path to love. One of the Kumaras, Sanat Kumara, dictated to his disciple Narada the wisdom of love to benefit his students and their descendants. This text became known as the Bhakti Sutras, the sutras on divine love, which continue to be one of the principle texts on the path of love in India.

When this understanding is combined with the creative power of thought and right identity, its effects will be seen to be marvelous in the life of the student. The student will find that the laws governing in the mental and spiritual world are as fixed and infallible as in the material world. To secure the desired results of returning to full presence, intelligence, and empowerment, it is necessary to know the law and to comply with it.

Preparation for this attainment is the work that Esu has come forward to accomplish with others who find they are ready to go further in their evolution. Full certification in this yogic approach is available in working with Esu. The student may then become prepared to go forward to teach Kumara Yoga and become master at it in their consciousness. The student who learns that power comes from within, becoming activated when we fuel this potential with faith and trust in the Universal Spirit, earnest desire to accomplish our vision, confident expectation; seeing the results of the achievement as if it already is, and the firm demand and conscious use of our will to hold steady in one’s attainment; in this path of love all fear and doubt become burned away in the Light of a new consciousness and energetic vibration. Our thought attention and desire to awaken this evolutionary force within leads directly into immortality and the higher life; yet first, we must achieve living from a higher perspective, at one with the Universal Power that is omnipresent. Then, true freedom and the experience of unconditional love blossom.

Part of the Kumaras’ “academic” teaching on love was that before humans could evolve into gods and goddesses in the embracing of eternity they first needed to unite or “marry” the opposing male and female principles naturally existing within themselves. By doing so they could become energetically androgynous, thereby precluding the need for another person or any material object; they become awakened in knowing the Universal Mind and Presence as themselves, individualized into expression. Only then could they extricate themselves from the bonds of attachment and freely express unconditional love, mastery over their energy and vibration, and the ascension which is the goal of human existence.

The Kumaras taught that yoga and alchemy are proficient tools for uniting the internal polarity and awakening the Kundalini. But the Kumaras were also emphatic that the best and safest path for uniting all polar opposites is the expression of love. By loving oneself and loving others all internal and external oppositions fall away and the serpent fire awakens on its own. Truly, the outer life perfectly mirrors the internal life within the student.

Kumara Yoga focuses the student upon the four precepts of sacrifice necessary to purify the memory of the etheric body; surrender to establish mastery of the mind; selflessness to bring about fuller mastery of desire within our emotional body; and service, an essential component to secure for the student mastery over his physical body and surroundings.

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