Friday, April 27, 2012

Living Flame

Make thy home in the Supreme Being and worship with all passion and devotion the Paradise Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit. Access the Supreme through the Divine Spark within you and expand that Spark into a Living Flame of consciousness and love to be radiated outwards to all your activities. Command that very flame of Life to expand throughout your field of receptivity - physical body, etheric memories of all lifetime, mental body, and emotional body. Then, you are living the will of God who desires to expand His Kingdom by establishing Order and Harmony. Do not think to save the world, for the world is merely an outpicturing of the majority of individual consciousness within the civilization and you cannot change anything out there until the majority change their consciousness. Change your own field of consciousness into Light and Life and you will be succeeding in life even if you haven't a penny to pay your bills or haven't created anything exterior in the world. Overcome the worldly race beliefs and misunderstanding and reside within the Spark of God...I call it the flame of paradise! ~EK

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