Friday, April 27, 2012

Holy Comforter Guidance

Consider that the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter which pervades thy being is your teacher and guide in Sovrnty. By reaching for this Truth Spirit and recognizing Him and asking Him to come into your life and help you to find greater Truth and connection to the Father energies within you, you will be building a bridge energetically to Him and then, He can ride that energetic bridge back to you and work with you in fulfilling your request for truth. He will make you aware of the Spirit of Michael whom we work with here at Sovrnty. Michael is the higher Self for Jesus Christ...the universal Presence of Jesus. It was Michael who came into the form and personality and became Jesus during that time of history. Michael will guide the student into connection with the Father within each aspirant and also He will stimulate direct fellowship with Himself so that you are building a conscious relationship with the Father Presence within you and the Son presence. Michael is, let's say, a grandson who originates at the center and source and comes out of the Father and the Original Eternal Son and is sent to initiate these local universes and act as the focalization for all creation within this local universe. Even after your graduation from the earth evolution you will still be in continual communion and contact with Michael; for He and the Infinite Mother Spirit are the universal parents for all life within these spawning grounds of creation.

So, those are two aspects and benefits of your reaching up to the Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth which is surrounding you and every person on this planet and is essentially traveling with you and the Father Spark within you as a guide and teacher to all mortal regardless of religious orientation. Now, that Spark of the Father is intending to have you recognize Him and Acknowledge Him...and when you do build a bridge to the Father Fragment...the Spark within you... and He can then come into and through your personal life making you and He one in consciousness and in character and virtues such as peace, love, unity, integrity, etc. When you command and ask for his Love...the fire Power of His Love and Mercy to come into you and correct all mistakes of your past, then He can omnipotently change all density and separation, all unconsciousness and 'misqualified energies' into pure Light and Life. This fulfills the Law that was spoken of by Jesus in his ministry, and this allows each soul to blend and raise up their personality and all their energies into the divine consciousness and eternal fusion or oneness or atonement with the Father Spark or Father Principle within. You are fulfilling the edicts and the secret precepts of the teachings that Jesus, Gautama Buddha, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, and many other amazing beings had come forth to illuminate and clarify for human beings to follow.

So, your connecting each day and throughout your day with the Father Spark and making it a fuller flame happens through the power of recognition and spending your time in conscious communion with Him right within you, and asking for that God Flame to come into your personal consciousness - your field of receptivity as I call it...your mind, emotions, and physical body and etheric memory - and transfiguring your density and human unconsciousness and imperfection into the Perfection of love and a more cosmic consciousness or awareness of Omnipresence.

This first step is that you realize yourself as a part of Him and you bring that Flame of Him into and through all your energy so as to transfigure all into Light and Love. Second, you expand that ideal of being Him in identity and nature by giving your all with full determination and confidence into His Will and Intent for you. You surrender your own ideas of what is right for you and you give yourself to him in the way that a bride would give herself to the groom...receiving of the groom...and blending together with the groom as one unit and , at least in the old days, allowing the groom to lead her into their greater life together.

You must allow Him to outpicture His ideal into and through you; to live this life in and as you. Only this will truly change for you your mortal and limited physical frame and human consciousness into an immortal and seamless garment of eternal light at the end of this round of your earth life while giving to you the capacity to elevate yourself into the Supreme Awareness or Christ consciousness. When thine eye or thy attention and focus and recognition becomes singularly focused upon the spark and you choose to expand that into a living flame of godliness, then ye shall become light in every way possible. This is the very next step for humanity...for each human being to evolve and mature...and there is, oh so much more, to grow into within this paradise path of progressive evolution. God cannot make a man...a human person... go from being limited and mortal and unaware into becoming an omnipresent and omniscient being merely overnight. Yet, the very next step is what I have shared with you herein. Each aspirant or student who aspires for truth and love and freedom and immortality must make the effort and build or generate their own motivation and power by drawing upon their own greater Selfhood which exists imminently right within their own heart and mind. This is the way ye shall change your mortal limited separate mind into the fullness of the Christ Mind wherein you are becoming aware of your wholeness within His Omnipresence. Then you fill to overflowing your own field of receptivity with the vibratory radiation of pure Light, and you are in that moment building the seamless garment of light everlasting...eternal Life everlasting...the very next stage of human evolutionary growth and maturation.

I bid you each the utmost respect and encouragement that you re-gain your dignity and Self-respect by becoming the fullness of what and who you are meant to become by divine edict of the Paradise Father of us all.

Esu Kumara Michael

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