Sunday, April 1, 2012

Divine Authority

We each, as Sons and Daughters of God, have a God given authority to dissolve all imperfect appearances in our personal world and consciousness. To do this we must have intense devotion to our own individualized Essence which dwells within and above each one of us, and we must invoke this Essence or Power into action to dissolve all unwanted appearances, circumstances, environments, or inner qualities which we have erroneously set into motion. We have the authority, the right, the ability, and the god-given power to call to this Essence or Presence of ourselves and demand it come forth to erase the unwanted destructive condition. As long as you recognize and take accountability for having placed that condition in you and around you through your use of thought and feeling, spoken word and action, then it can be permanently erased and the energies returned to your own highest Presence. And, when there has been a fulfillment of the unwanted conditions being erased within you and you change that density or imperfection to the perfection of pure Light and Life, then have you fulfilled the Spiritual Promise to the One Life Force, and you will be generating the Light to have created for yourself the Seamless Garment of Eternal Light which will blend eternally with your highest aspect of you in the higher octaves of Life.

Then have you fulfilled God's Will and Intent for you. This is a self-conscious initiation that must be attained by each and every individualization of the Supreme God, and this does not happen automatically, but it occurs through our conscious choice and application of the Divine Law of harmony and love through the transfiguration of all density into light.

I pray that you have the ears to hear and the eyes (mind) to perceive what I have shared with you herein.

Esu Kumara

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