Saturday, April 21, 2012

Choose Ye Sovereignty over all Vibratory Manifestations

Perceive me everywhere and behold all things within me. You will find me in the air and the ethers, in the waters, in the earth, and in the fire of all life. Bring forward from within the flame of your own heart the fire of love and command it to spread throughout your field of receptivity, encompassing and transfiguring all your own atomic substance and every electronic flame of Paradise that you have ever used in error. Command that all be changed unto Love and Mercy. Only then can you save yourselves from the endless rounds of birth and death, going forth in the progressive evolution that is designed by God.

He or she that hears what I say, you shall not ever taste of death; for you will be raising your vibratory eminence over everything that God has placed at your command. This is the way it is meant to be in that God almighty wills that each and every self-conscious directive intelligence take hold of their power and right as a son or daughter of the Eternal Father in Paradise, and more imminently to align and become the supreme presence of their very Selfhood which resides above them and as them in the pure octaves of life.

Esu Kumara

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