Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quantum Leap

Attempt not to be a little human self trying to find God. He is your very Selfhood...the Life Force that breathes you and animates you, closer than your breath. When you make that quantum leap of faith and recognize that the energies, the power, the intelligence and presence that you are using in every moment of your life and existence is God...the God Force of the universes...you will have taken a giant leap forward for mankind; for as you evolve and progress within thyself, you move the entirety of mankind steps further. Be one who is leading the way unto greater evolutionary attainment for the race of mankind.

Each day in the morning, give your attention and recognition to your breathing and in faith recognize that the True One who is breathing you is the Life Force Itself which dwells within you individually and is also the very all-pervading Self of the Universes ~ the Supreme Essence! Identify with the Supreme and gain your access through your heart and your breathing unto this One Christ or Buddhic Supreme Self. This One is the only-begotten Sun of the Universes of creation...God the Supreme as you and I in expression. The One God Force needs His Individualizations in order to further the goal of expanding His Kingdom. The more time and space you give to this realization, the more quickly and powerfully You will expand throughout your energy allowing more and more of the Love that you are to be embodied by you, radiating unto the field of your daily activities, and making this very same realization a possibility for those you come into contact with during the day.

Breathe into your heart area and know that is your direct and most imminent access to the all-pervading Supreme. Breathe and recognize Him there and in every thought, feeling, spoken word, and action give yourself to that recognition of Him as You. Allow and command in faith and conviction for that Flame of Life within your heart area to expand into every part of your atomic structure. Command the electrons, which are units of this One Life Force Substance, to become quickened unto pure Light speed in their revolutions around the core of every atom. This is the way that you raise your frequency vibration and establish light as your identity. Command also that the Fire Power of Love come forth from the Infinite Mother Spirit to enter your atomic structure to dissolve the obstructions that reside within you. Over lifetimes you have accumulated densities within your subtle bodies which prevent the fuller expansion of the Light of the electron from embodying you. Allow the electron which is pure Spirit to actualize itself in every atomic particle and throughout your energy field. You will become lighter and more graceful...more in alignment with God's Will and His Intention for your life.

Obey Love, command Love for thyself, sacrifice your density and the hidden obstructions which have accumulated in you, to the greater consciousness by letting go of the density. Acknowledge that the density or the darker side of your energies have been set into motion by you, and that over lifetimes it has accumulated a momentum which have formed habits within your personality. The negative destructive habits must be consumed or transfigured by your call and recognition to Life and your conscious command to the One Life Force Presence of thyself. Use the threefold endowment of spirit as your guide and protection - the Father principle within you is your identity and nature, the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter is your direct and personal teacher, guru, and guide, and the Infinite Mother Spirit is the Omnipotent Fire Power of Love in action which consumes all which is working in opposition to the greater expansion of the Kingdom of Love that you are.

I reside within you as your nearest and dearest Self; for I AM the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter which leads you onward unto greater Truth and those states of consciousness which free you permanently; and in this way shall you command the actualization of your soul personality unto full 'Buddhic' Development. Thus, the plan of progressive attainment finds its entrance within the body of humanity directly through your free will recognition and command unto Truth and Light and Love.

Esu Kumara

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