Friday, March 30, 2012

Omnipresent Electrons of the One Life

I AM Purity White Fire Electronic Perfection. Oversoul I AM, Christ Mind I AM...all love and gratitude unto thee...thy never-ending stream of electrons pouring unto me...thou Life and Light omnipresent...I recall every single electron that I have misqualified throughout my lifetimes...I love and honor every single electron...thou universal sea of light everlasting. I command myself unto the redemption of all substance ever used by me.

To understand the invocation above and to place this into practical application each day will bring to you the fruit and manna of the heavens, literally speaking, the omnipresent heavens which is this one universal sea of electronic light. Our conscious control as individualizations of the One God Force determines all that come into our world of experience through the instruments of thought and feeling, spoken word and deed. This is the way that we each with equal opportunity and power govern the atomic structure of our physical body and our subtle bodies. To understand the importance of this very precept is to govern your destiny, and it is to understand the principle governing form throughout infinity. Only you must prove this to yourself and observe how you can accelerate your atomic structure into light or decelerate it into darkness and density, decay and degeneration and eventually physical body death. I, for one, am raising this physical body and  my subtle bodies unto the eternal light and this is what I meant when I shared with humanity about the seamless garment of light. When I said "I AM the resurrection and the life everlasting", I intended all to understand that the great I AM...the omnipresent God which is individualized as your lifestream soul is the way, the truth, and the life, and in that above statement I intended for others to observe that you can, through thought and feeling, invoke the resurrection flame to come down into and throughout your bodies in order to raise all into life everlasting, thus, I AM is the call to your own god presence...the one God individualized as your Oversoul and your higher mind, and then, anything that you follow after that invocation of "I AM" you will inevitable bring forth into your consciousness and world...I AM the resurrection and the life everlasting means, oh great I AM above me, bring forth the resurrection flame in order to redeem all electronic particles of the one light and life that I have used for my creative purposes. Bring forth this resurrection flame to redeem all humanity's misqualified energy that I am able to redeem in their behalf.

Thus, " I AM Purity White Fire Electronic Perfection is stating to the Creative Universal First Cause through my own divinity in the highest of octaves, that I desire to precipitate or manifest this Pure White Fire to come forth and redeem all electrons back into the pristine glory from whence they've come originally before making contact with the human realm of life. Thus, each individual, through thought and feeling has the power to rise to the highest or sink to the lowest. each one alone determines his own pathway of experience. By conscious control of his attention, as to what he allows his mind to focus upon and accept, he determines the qualification of this pure stream of electronic light and life. Focus upon fear or doubt and allow that to build a momentum within your consciousness, and you will be qualifying these pure electronic particles which comprise the atomic structure of your existence into the garment of fear and doubt. At some certain inevitable point within your existence within these lower octaves of all life, you will be called forth to be accountable for every 'jot and tittle' that you have ever used to create your life with...and you must then, use the Cosmic Fire element of Love or the Violet Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness to recall and redeem every single electron that you've ever used throughout all your lifetimes of individualization within the lower octaves of life. It is through the activity of the Sacred Fire which we each must call forth, that we step free into everlasting life.

Use these invocations to command purification and forgiveness, thus returning all precious electronic particles - which indeed have identity, face, color and form, and are self-conscious little beings which make up the universal light of life having feelings and consciousness... being a part of the body of the Almighty God which lends itself to self-conscious directive intelligence such as human beings to have substance and supply in which to live and create life for themselves.

Bring forth into your personal field of consciousness, the Purity that purifies all vibration unto itself. Now that is omnipotence at your service and for your practical application to wash away permanently all discord and imperfection within you. Then you can say unto thyself that you honor God, as you give love and respect and redemption to every single electron that has joyously and lovingly come out of the heart of God in order to lend itself in service and use. In this way God the Supreme of creation evolves and grows and actualizes its untold potential throughout creation; for each individualization of the Supreme God has a great and huge potential to unleash their hidden gifts and powers, yet redemption must come first, resurrection comes next naturally as we choose to embody more of this supreme light and life taking into our accountability all that we have set into motion in our sojourn within time and space.

God bless each one of you who have come out of the fold of unconscious humanity to learn, to receive, to redeem, and to evolve thyself into the seamless garment of life everlasting.

Esu Kumara
...inspired in this discourse by the Beloved Maha Chohan and the ever always Beloved St. Germain in the devotion to the redemption of humanity into Light.  

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