Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flames of Paradise

The Flames of Paradise are the basic building blocks of the universal Sea of Light...Omnipresence Itself. These Electrons are intelligent, ever-pure, immaculate, living breathing beings that comprise the totality of the Universal Substance of Light and Life.

Omnipotent Flame of Life within my heart and mind; thou one power giving me life to speak and ask and direct my self conscious will unto expanding the sovereignty of the Supreme which I AM; as I breathe thee into and through my form and all forms within humanity which are within Me, I command the humanity to awaken unto themselves as One with thee; thou animating power and intelligence I give you all credit and glory, all honor and power; for thou art the One Intelligence which I AM.

Flame of Paradise...universal sea of Light...thou electrons, immortal, ever-pure Intelligence...quicken the atomic structure within my consciousness. I command all substance within my consciousness to be quickened unto this One Eternal Light. Electrons, I give to you all power and control to raise our energy unto true freedom.

I command the fire power of Love to come forth and consume...quicken and raise all density within my consciousness allowing the electron to quicken its orbit around the core of all atomic structure.

I will to will thy Will Almighty Supreme God I AM...the living Christ which I AM and which every particle of Life Is. May all humanity become raised and regenerated in this way; for I call down upon the body of Humanity which I AM the fire of Love to consume the density and quicken all substance unto Light everlasting.

Esu Kumara

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