Monday, March 5, 2012

Devotion and Consecration is Choice

In life you may think that you are doing everything for the sake of your body and mind. But in deep sleep you are not conscious of your body or your mind. Then for whose sake are you enjoying the rest and peace of sleep? It is for the sake of yourself. Sleeping, taking food, all the various activities of your daily life, are performed only out of love for yourself. You believe that you are doing all these for your personal self which you experience to be separate from God, but the I that you call yourself really emerges from your highest self which is no different from God. Whatever you do out of love for yourself reaches your highest self and, therefore, reaches God. So you must do everything with the awareness that whatever action you undertake, good or bad, will certainly reach God. Yet, constructive actions and thoughts and feelings raise your vibratory field unto God in unimaginable ways. Devotion means making all your actions sacred and dedicating them to God alone. Consecration means giving your choices for your activities to God in each and every moment do the things that are driven by Love within you and that will reach to God.

When the aspirant feels the deep joy of love for God, he believes it is his personal self that is feeling this joy. And so his love for God is tainted with selfishness. But, God's love for the aspirant is totally different. God's love is not selfish. It is divine Law because Love is His nature, His Self, His everything. God is supra-personal and also beyond all personalness in the Law of Himself. He has no sense of individuality or separation. He does not feel that some things are his and others are not his. When there exists a feeling of difference and individuality, then selfishness and the sense of I-ness and my-ness arise. But God does not limit himself to any particular form. He has no separate feeling of mine and thine. He has no selfishness. These three injunctions, "Work for God!... For the sake of God alone!... Be devoted only to God!..." are given for your sake. They are not given for the benefit of God but for your benefit. They are intended to help you realize your true self by removing all traces of selfishness and separation which becloud your truth and keep you from being one with God. Reach for Him who is the force of Life that breathes you and animates your every move, and that will reach unto the God Self...your highest Selfhood. It is all a matter of our inner intent.

The universe is the body of God. He has embodied himself in the creation and we call Him God the supreme or Supreme Being. This Supreme Being is dependent upon the Paradise Trinity Center and Source which is His Father and source, yet, it is really simply the Source and Center reaching into and throughout the creation...forming the tapestry and fabric that is creation. 

To understand the divine principle on which the universe rests, you can begin by considering the vast size of the universe. The moon is hundreds of thousands of miles away from the earth. The sun is many tens of millions of miles away. Even the nearest of stars is millions upon millions of miles away; and beyond that, in the furthest reaches of the visible universe, there are stars that are still billions of times further away. But, all of this, which constitutes the physical universe, and which to our limited view is so infinitely vast, is only the minutest part of the subtle universe. Compared to this subtle universe, the whole grand physical universe is no more than the size of an atom.

The subtle universe, which is so indescribably huge when compared to the physical universe, is itself only a microscopic part of a much, much vaster aspect of the universe. It is so enormously big, the scriptures have declared that they cannot possibly be understood by the human mind or depicted in words. They are beyond the imagination, beyond the ability of the mind to grasp. And yet beyond all these, transcending the gross, the subtle and the causal levels of Reality, is the divine principle, the ultimate cause of all, the Motivator of all personalities, the animating Intelligence of every single personality throughout the vast universe. We are living and moving within this greater Body of Him. We have our being within Him, as Him; for this reason, when you are able to identify with Him you inherit His Kingdom in your Consciousness and Life.

Within the Love of the One Omnipresent Self I AM,
Esu Kumara 

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