Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Completion of all Lifetimes

You are not here on this planet to endlessly grow and process your emotions. This is part of a larger picture. This is just part of growth towards a completion. This completion is the full and complete atonement whereby you become eternally at one with your own divinity. The divinity and the personality soul become one, and it is this fusion or merging which brings about immortality for you. It is something that is available to all human beings in this lifetime.

You have grown accustomed to reincarnational experience - the birth and death process whereby you go through a lifetime of a certain amount of years, experiencing death, and leaving your body to return again to the Earth. You have gone to some fourth dimensional areas. There are heavens and hells galore, with many experiences. Yet, always you return to the body, for this body is the platform from which your launch will take place into the fifth dimension. This is the intention and the purpose behind all lifetimes. The so-called meaning of life. In the process of full atonement you will not leave behind your bodies and go to a higher state of consciousness. Your bodies will be transformed also in order to complete your journey and to catapult yourself into the higher octaves whereby you become immortal…an immortal being with personality, thoughts, feelings, and activity. Still an individual, yet at one with the Father’s Spirit which resides within you and which desires to complete this process with you.

The molecules and atoms, the sub-atomic particles, all that you are, will be transformed and accelerated into the fifth dimension if you decide to go for it and raise yourself beyond the third dimensional levels of limitation and lack. So, you do not have to die. Despite the fact that humans have grown accustomed to dying that it has become a common awareness or common belief, you do not have to die, and you will not if you give yourself to this completion process.

The actual experience of the atonement involves the quickening of your vibrational frequencies within your Field Of Receptivity which culminates in the lifting of your physical body into a high state of consciousness from the planet’s surface into the divinity of yourself which acts a a vehicle of light…it is the seamless garment of eternal light; the very same process that I underwent in my fuller ministry 2,000 years ago.

The atonement is the end result and the completing experience which is preceded by the transfiguration of your energies into a higher frequency vibration and the resurrection of your personality soul self into your higher body. The atonement allows you to secure for yourself at-one-ment with your divinity forever and ever. It allows you to begin the greater journey of your existence once you have graduated and completed the requirements of the atonement process.

So, this is the goal of every spiritual path and every avenue of religion and spirituality. It is meant for each and every person and it is a must in order to grow and evolve. It is not an optional process. It is the doorway to secure and establish the very next stages of progressive evolutionary soul growth for everyone regardless of your religious, social, financial, spiritual orientation and perspective. You will go through this process at some certain point in time, and I have come once again to show you the way to completion.

I AM the Will of the Persons of the First and Second Source and Center in Action,
Michael of Nebadon

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