Friday, February 24, 2012

Kingdom of Sovereignty

The Kingdom of Heaven is the Kingdom of Sovrnty or Sovereignty; this Kingdom is the everywhere presence and intelligence of God; this living tapestry of the Life Force anchors itself through its individualizations; you and I are that great consciousness and tapestry individualized; through the Kingdom of Sovrnty you will establish sovereignty which is eternal independence from the temporal world of change, freedom from the shadows of density within thyself that oppose Life Itself; sovereignty gives to you the Kingdom of Eternity - by bringing your life into the Kingdom of Sovrnty within yourself and around yourself, and as yourself, you create a field of receptivity necessary to anchor within the physical octave the divine pattern which is all perfection - harmony, healing, and pure happiness. You become free and clear from the rounds of birth and death; in fact, you can transcend death by raising your physical conditions into light; thus, the seamless garment of light and life is immortality…

And how might you arrive and establish thyself in the Kingdom of Sovrnty? By learning and applying the threefold endowment of the Father, Son, and Spirit as each manifest within the human realm through the Life Force and Flame of Paradise as it anchors within thy heart, the spirit of the Universe Sovereign Michael which is the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter, and the Holy Spirit which is the spirit of the Universe Spirit or Infinite Mother Spirit of our local universe.

If you are in the Central Oregon area, begin by coming to our weekly Satsangs with Esu Kumara. These are geared to take you into greater knowledge of the original approach unto Truth and Freedom which lead unto Immortality through building the Seamless Garment of Light Everlasting - the Kingdom of Sovrnty as taught and demonstrated by Christ Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Yogananda, and many other great Souls who have entered into the service of the Earth.

The Sevenfold Spirit Endowment and Circuits of Attainment
The term “baptism of the spirit,” which came into such general use about this time, merely signified the conscious reception of this gift of the Spirit of Truth and the personal acknowledgment of this new spiritual power as an augmentation of all spiritual influences previously experienced by God-knowing souls.

Since the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth, man is subject to the teaching and guidance of a threefold spirit endowment: the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster; the spirit of the Son, the Spirit of Truth; the spirit of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit.

In a way, mankind is subject to the double influence of the sevenfold appeal of the universe spirit influences. The early evolutionary races of mortals are subject to the progressive contact of the seven adjutant mind-spirits of the local universe Mother Spirit.

As man progresses upward in the scale of intelligence and spiritual perception, there eventually come to hover over him and dwell within him the seven higher spirit influences. And these seven spirits of the advancing worlds are:

1. The bestowed spirit of the Universal Father — the Thought Adjusters.
2. The spirit presence of the Eternal Son — the spirit gravity of the universe of universes and the certain channel of all spirit communion.
3. The spirit presence of the Infinite Spirit — the universal spirit-mind of all creation, the spiritual source of the intellectual kinship of all progressive intelligences.
4. The spirit of the Universal Father and the Creator Son — the Spirit of Truth, generally regarded as the spirit of the Universe Son.
5. The spirit of the Infinite Spirit and the Universe Mother Spirit — the Holy Spirit, generally regarded as the spirit of the Universe Spirit.
6. The mind-spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit — the seven adjutant mind-spirits of the local universe.
7. The spirit of the Father, Sons, and Spirits — the new-name spirit of the ascending mortals of the realms after the fusion of the mortal spirit-born soul with the Paradise Thought Adjuster and after the subsequent attainment of the divinity and glorification of the status of the Paradise Corps of the Finality.

And so did the bestowal of the Spirit of Truth bring to the world and its peoples the last of the spirit endowment designed to aid in the ascending search for God.

Being at one with the Spirit of the Universe Son  - Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence, I am commissioned by God to teach the original approach unto spirit attainment - I work as one with the Spirit of Truth and the Holy Spirit which seeks to teach Truth, to spiritually enlighten the mind, to inspire the soul in its aspirations for greater Truth and Freedom, and to lead sincere aspirants toward their paradise goal of divine destiny; guiding the aspirant into a true functioning of the entire personality: personality status and reality, mind attainment, soul growth, and paradise spirit attunement. 

In this way you build and grow character and receptivity to make stronger intellectual decisions in alignment with Truth, moral choosings that cooperate with your own enfolding spirit, and the divine insight and spiritual perceptions inherent within spiritual development. I work in cooperation with the seven adjutant mind spirits to enhance wisdom, worship, counsel, knowledge, courage, understanding, intuition, spirit perception, and divine insight.

For it is literally true of what was shared by Bhagavan Krishna, “that he who perceives Me everywhere, and beholds everything in Me, never loses sight of Me, nor do I ever lose sight of him.”

~ Michael

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