Friday, February 24, 2012

Invocation and Decree

I AM pure Christos Power animating all things. I AM God the Supreme Christ right here and right now, and I command all energies within me to align with My command of truth, goodness, and beauty. I AM the One Life Force anchored right within my heart area and enfolding the physical and subtle bodies that I express through. I AM the One Self Supreme.

I command thee to come forth Oh great Fire Power of Love to wash away, to quicken the density into Light. I quicken the electrons unto Life everlasting.

Acknowledge the One force of Life acting through you, in you, and as you. Give all credit and honor, all intelligence and power to that which thou art, then claim it in every thought, feeling, spoken word, and action in your life in each moment. That will build for you the consciousness of God within you that you are even now as you read these words - thou art that. Say unto thyself: "I AM the Mighty Christos, the One Life Principle everywhere present. I AM imminently present right within my heart and mind."

Within a few moments you will feel the shift of lightening up. Then ask for the Comforter Presence which I work with and which I AM to guide you unto perceiving all truths within you, all falsehoods that are occurring within you. Then ask for the Fire of the Infinite Power of the Mother to come forth and wash away the falsehood.

This is doing the Will of God within you. This is aligning your life with truth and love and freedom. 

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