Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Bestowal of Love

The Universal Father has bestowed a fragment of Himself within you, surrounding you, and interpenetrating you, and as you acknowledge this gift of your life it will expand and grow in your awareness. You can command with confidence and conviction for this Flame of Paradise to fill all of your atomic structure of your energy...that would be filling your consciousness...your soul and personality...your personal existence...with Him; and only good can come with that decision, choice, and use of your free will to allow Him...the Father's Spark of Himself to simply grow and expand in you. He will change all human error and mistakes within you into His Perfection.

You can reach for the all-pervading Holy Comforter to lead you into all Truth...truth in every way and on every level of your consciousness. This Comforter Spirit is very powerfully the conviction and confidence of Truth, so He has the power to increase your faith and trust and surrender unto Truth...the Truth that is the Flame of Paradise ~ the Father's Presence. In this way, you are also developing an eternal fellowship with the Universe Son Michael and deepening a relationship with the Comforter Spirit who is the teacher of all human beings. This is the personal spiritual presence of Jesus who is also known by other names throughout the universes. Jesus is of the Order of Michael, so you can also address Jesus as Michael...the universe Michael or Christ Michael if you prefer. This Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter guides, inspires and teaches the Eternal Verities...the Eternal Truths...the One Eternal Truth if you will, that is your nature and identity. If you use your free will to seek to become more alike unto the Father of the Universes, you'll find yourself embodying more and more love and mercy.

Call upon the Holy Comforter and ask Him to guide you and teach you of the real truth...and the unchanging Truth of the Father's Presence that is your nature and identity as the One Life Force of the Universes. Become at one in your conscious awareness of a bit of the Father and the influence of the Son. And, of course, if you ask for the Infinite Spirit Mother or Holy Spirit, you'll discover that She is the all-pervading Spirit of the Universe...the Universe Spirit....that seeks to teach, heal, guide, and raise all life unto the Father.

Thus, you each have the threefold Spirit Endowment given to the universes in order to raise and quicken all life unto the Perfection of the very Source and Center of all Life; for the pattern of Paradise is intended to be the guiding principle and pattern out of which all of creation must someday model and become...

Identify and realize yourself within the Father; give yourself to the teaching and guidance and inspiration and conviction of the Son through the Spirit of Truth; Ask and call upon the Universe Spirit of the Mother to transfigure your darkness and ignorance of Truth unto the eternal Light. She will come and outpour Her radiation right into your consciousness to change into Love all that is unlike Her.

In Service to Humanity, I remain one with the Father Principle; for I and the Father are one,
Esu Kumara

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