Saturday, February 25, 2017

Endowment of Will

Endowment of Will...

"Oh great and infinite Parenthood of Spirit .. I honor you with my attention and awareness placed with you. I praise you with all of my adorational worship .. that you be exalted and held high in me. I give you my allegiance and allowance to expand in me and take full control to establish harmony and order.

"Everlasting One .. I so appreciate you in my life as my life. I ask deeper alignment with you. I give you all of me."

Now are ye arising upon the new day .. quickening the trajectory of your existence .. Paradiseward.

Walk within dignity and faith .. trust and charity .. hope and expectancy ..

My Universal Administration is presently conducting all thine benevolence of God to the kingdoms of the earth. You are cared for and caressed into liberty .. the avenues of ascendancy are open for each truth-thirsting personality soul to reach into the Kingdom of the Heavenly Host.

The Initiatory Father is revealed on the Originating Mother Son .. and the Preparatory Spirit offers to all evolutionary minds the way .. truth .. and life.

I am with you now. Call upon Me in the Comforter .. Invite Me by adherence to the law of cause and effect. .. knock upon the doorway of Supremacy through the Spirit of God in you now.

I come to weave into and throughout humanity the everlasting fabric of Our vibratory influences.

Michael Of Nebadon
University Of Salvington

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Grapes of Sweetness

Be not dismayed by the finite limitations of mind and heart .. be thou strong to concede that I live amongst thee for a time .. that I hold personhood as you do .. that I am Son of the Father Son .. and very much thine Father and Friend in this Universe.

The world as it is .. it is our universal vineyard .. that it's grapes of sweetness and succour do ripen with time and effort.

Be not troubled for the things of the earth that often grate upon thine thoughts and feelings. There are mansions prepared for thee in My Father’s House .. His Body of Supremacy.

Yet .. you are pressed at this time to arise into the governorship of thine evolutionary career.

It hath me pleased to come and offer the true miracles unto they who are without sight nor vision for their life. Even greater .. to make the deaf to hear truth .. and the blindsided to see truth and Justice .. in Our way to Grace and Forgiveness.

Vision is created and sustainable only by cultivating thine Virtues. And these Virtues are those qualities which perform for thee the setting into your life of Values.

Virtues and Values .. these are the components for Vision. Thine daily and momentary decisions which shape destiny are given their oxygen and breath through these three - Virtues .. Values .. Vision.

Verities then .. the truths of existence for you .. are the natural outcome of this threefold mix of Virtues .. Values .. Vision.

...and Verities are of Mine Comforter Being .. which invites you to stand tall .. to oxygenate thyself into breathing in the Highest of Sights well above the frick and fray .. the turbulence of the worldly minded. Ye must elevate thine mortal vision into My Vision beloveds .. then shall all Mercy shower you .. coming upon you .. and caressing you into your final achievement as an individualized and ascendant soul personality with eternal capacity and capabilities .. with a character raised beyond the threshold of vice and those erroneous inclinations of mind that make you feel like a victim to all of life's circumstances.

I come from the Central Core of Existence. I do hold My responsibility for ushering the personality of individuals into their highest grace of attainment .. personal religious experience through their reciprocal spiritual communion with the Father's Life in you.

I and the Universe Mother Spirit with the Planetary Host .. we offer you Our clear sightedness and Our approach to righteousness and rectitude of heart .. mind .. and soul personality.

Be thou of Our Goodly Cheer; for ye are stepping into My passageways which do lead all into their finest accomplishments.

Michael of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu

Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Merciful Constitution and Forgiveness Fulfillment

The visionary capacity of faith and trust in the Father who is Spirit develops into the great gifts of intuition .. insight .. perception .. eternal perspective .. sensitivity to see and feel the spiritual reality with the opening eyes of faith and trust acknowledgement.

This faith-insight and spirit vision awakens the higher visionary capacities in you which allows you to know God .. to understand him a little more .. and to create an immaculate character similar to him.

The weaving of the Mother’s universal consciousness .. her mindal possibilities .. her power of thought and association .. her understanding powers .. and her natural knowledge for fellowship counsel .. these are the result of weaving your personal mind into her spiritual circuitry.

The endowment of developing in you this Infinite Mind which hails from Eternity .. in association with the Father's Thought and Spirit is a gift to humankind which is nurtured with your faith vision.

Spiritual purity and thine blossoming soul intelligence is the everlasting endowment of the Third Person of Infinity.  It is the Creative Spirit’s gift to human beings which propels the personality mind towards constructive constancy of conviction and confidence in communication with the Universal Spirit of God.

This developing inclination towards true relationship with the Infinite builds a heart and mind of courageous character and the divinely inspired qualities of consideration and constancy. It weaves in you the living tapestry of God's Eternal Light and Life.

Faith Vision of the Originating Father's Life grows your moral compass and compassionate consciousness. Thine decision-making prowess strengthens. It matures your ethical evaluation so much so that you are transformed into a creature alike to the Parenthood of Paradise.

This is the patterned demonstration of the Paradise Principles which you shall become as you venture forth to find God .. to know him initially in you .. and then .. in all others .. and to broaden your mind and heart unto everpresent association with the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Spirit Supremacy which is to be discovered as his everywhereness.

I come into human view to light thine way .. to heighten thine sensibilities for walking upright with dignity and pure desire.

I offer to those who have become weary from the limitations of their own mortality .. the clarifying elixirs of truth and mercy .. the profoundness of God depth and the breadth of purity in your purposes for life.

Michael Of Nebadon
Salvington University
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Come to Me and Find Your Peace

Peace be with you Mine children of this earth...

Always have I been with you .. even from the beginnings of your existence. Mine Spirit continues to feed the hungry souls of the world. I guide thee. I stimulate the higher impulses of your personhood. I ignite thine search for Absolute Objectivity.

Come to Me by inviting the Spirit of My Comforter surrounding you. I walk with you .. one with the Father Son Spirit.

Mine yoke is a direct discipleship with Me which raises your life purpose .. and shows you the Father's way and approach to his eternal freedom.

All ye who feel the burden of the world upon your shoulders .. come .. come .. come .. to Me. I will offer you My faith confidence and trustworthy convictions. I will propel you into character righteousness and a significance of religious relationship with the Universal Father whose spirit lives in you; and I am one with him.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Attendance of Ascendancy

Allow thine acknowledgement of the One Nameless Parenthood to overwhelm the ephemeral senses.

Let wisdom become birthed in thee as ye behold the Lord God of thine very Life.

Give harmony the chance to swell in you it's gestures of eternity; for the order and symmetry of which I speak hath the propensity to elevate thine human character into the most purified desires .. and the cleanest most upright inclinations for truth which shall emerge.

A refinement cometh to those who give opportunities for Our universal harmony to swell in thine mortal womb with adorations of splendor in thine midst.

I come to offer the everlasting poultice of subtlety. To set humanity free by conquering themselves .. their subtle inveterate foes which preside in thought and feeling.

I come as agitator to thine falsehood .. and the meanings and purposes of avoiding truth shall quake with trepidations for they who seek to walk the grounds under Mine swollen feet.

Arise .. initiate thine tenderness .. invoke thine freedom to establish itself in thee. Look unto God thine Parenthood for all equations of eternity to become resolved in you. Be thou meek and lowly as ye reach for the Father’s kingdom of love.

In pious mirth and eptitudes of glorious honesty .. do I have need for your salvation to become attended to.

The Father's Initiatory Life condescends to tread upon the lowly ones .. even the more lofty personalities shall find their illumination within Our avenues of ascendancy.

I say unto thee .. verily doth ye have recourse for upset and unawareness.  Plentiful are the reasons to ignore Mine redeeming glances upon thine brow.

Yet I invoke thine attentions into our association so that ye are broadened with dignity and heightened in thy stature as My children. . .

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Salvation Cometh in its Gradual Achievements

Mine faith directs thee to your human salvation, and to the renewals of mind, body, and soul in the mortal attainment of your universe advancement. It gives to all seekers, aspirants, and disciples of the graduating ceremony:

1. Salvation from material fetters in the personal realization of sonship with God, who is spirit.
2. Salvation from intellectual bondage: man shall know the truth, and the truth shall set him free.
3. Salvation from spiritual blindness, the human realization of the fraternity of mortal beings, and the soul awareness of the brotherhood of all universe creatures; the service-discovery of spiritual reality and the ministry-revelation of the goodness of spirit values.
4. Salvation from incompleteness of self through the attainment of the spirit levels of the universe and through the eventual realization of the harmony of Havona and the perfection of Paradise.
5. Salvation from self, deliverance from the limitations of self-consciousness through the attainment of the cosmic levels of the Supreme mind and by coordination with the attainments of all other self-conscious beings.
6. Salvation from time, the achievement of an eternal life of unending progression in God-recognition and God-service.
7. Salvation from the finite, the perfected oneness with Deity in and through the Supreme by which the creature attempts the transcendental discovery of the Ultimate on the postfinaliter levels of the absonite.

Urantia Foundation with Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thine Eternal Everlasting Emergence

Verily .. the spirit virtues of the Infinite Mother Spirit impress upon thee capacities for intellectual emancipation and soul emergence  from the merely mortal and mechanical mind of materiality.

Her spirit virtue of intuition builds the capacity in you to mature the perceptual tendencies of thought into direct thinking and knowing.

Thine natural and organic material mindedness matures into heightened instinctual responses giving you directional capabilities.

The spirit virtue of understanding clarifies your coordinating impulses allowing the free association of ideas to become experience; to amend and adjust and to make personal the infinite absolutes into finitely quantifiable knowledge which is personal .. experiential ..  and ever useful.

The spirit virtue of courage is that inward divine impetus for fellowship and fidelity .. loyalty towards your brothers and sisters.

The courage virtue is the ever potent root of moral acquirement and character growth .. and the willingness to confront thyself with acceptance and unconditional loving.

It grows in you thine urge to become the self directive governor of your personal world .. the taking on of what I may call the accountability of authorship.

Then there is the virtue of the spirit of knowledge which is the development of that mindal urge to discover and to advance thine discoveries into those appropriately designed directions leading to your growth and spiritual fulfillment attainment.

The spirit virtue of counsel comes next within the context of these unfolding acquirements. It is that harmonious urge and willingness to orchestrate together with thine colleagues; that instinctual socializing development which opens thee to the brotherhood of humankind .. to mutuality of sharing .. and to the collegial atmosphere of Salvington. 

Now .. are you the developing personality mind which is geared for the religious relationship and the reciprocal divine affections with the Life of God thou art .. to become in consciousness and factuality the emerging soul personhood who craves our absoluteness of ascendancy.

The spirit virtue of worship weaves into the material mind the higher urges of the religious revelation .. organically furthering the Father's Initiatory Life in thee.

This defining spirit virtue carries the originating material mind clear beyond the boundaries of mechanical materiality and relativistic thought. It opens mind towards it's nourishment within the absolutes .. the abstracts of our association of Infinity.

You are now traversing the byways of faithless thinkings and material bindings .. and are thus .. able to aspire into the heavens of the soul's relationship with the Universal and Eternal Parenthood.

Finally .. the spirit virtue of wisdom is the great coordinating facilitator of each one of these spirit virtues. It gravitates mind and its facilitator of personality towards seeking truth .. craving righteousness .. hungering for order and progressive evolutionary attainment .. in order to capture for itself that blending of all seven cardinal spirit virtues .. and to naturally propel the personality mind into its necessary transmutation of all these divinely encircuited impulses into the God Urge.

The spirit virtue of wisdom is the inward mind urge to actualize mind and matter into soul and spirit.

It is that fulcrum of initiation in the evolutionary life of material mind which coordinates the personality mind into a field of receptivity and respect .. responsibility and the birthing of deep remembrance of the intended plan of progression; the art of ascendancy within Our association together.

It is during this advent of mind development wherein the personality is urged into Holy Spirit heroisms. The personhood has matured in its capacity for truth and ascendancy .. the natural healthy and progressive revelation furthers it's aims as mind and soul and personality unite in an added value .. and almost a new order of human being.

The seeker of Truth and Maturity emerge. The mind soul becomes the receptacle of all developing urges for growth beyond concrete material thought into the realms of abstract thought .. direct perception .. insightful spirit leadings .. and divinity attainments.

Spiritual survival for the blossomung and maturing personality births forth through this advancement of the soul’s attitudes of ascendancy and its advancing acquirements into the fulfilling ingredients of inquisitive moral development and divine resurgence.

You are then blossoming into Seekers of Absoluteness. Aspirants of Advancement.  Disciples of the Divine Discovery.

I am come to grow thee experientially into those intended and uniquely created personalizations of the Father's divinity selfhood. have you raised and refined .. lifted and lightened .. matured and mastered .. into your divine destiny.

I come with the vast universal host .. it's endowment of eternity .. and to bear thee a  witness of humankind emerging into gods and goddesses .. becoming birthed out from the developing fetus of the mother's womb of ephemerality.

I am thine Creator Father Son with the Infinite Mother Spirit and the Planetary Host. Nay .. even cometh with Us are vast legions of your brothers and sisters from the manifold worlds of this universe .. to illuminate thine wayward  approach into the childlike wonders of a pure  willingness for you each to establish thine place within our universal civilization. All thine humanly qualified potentialities shall be quickened into their emergence into Actuality.

...the actualization of our ascendancy together.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Arise Mine Children into Righteousness

God's Kingdom is His OmniPresence. Truly .. you are actualizing His Kingdom as ye factualize thine Godhood in Him; as ye refine and resurrect thineself into His Holy Presence.

All power and authority reside in His Kingdom.  All intelligence and peace have their roots in the Kingdom of Heaven. His Kingdom is thine destiny.  It is thine destination to become arrived in and as.

As you discover His peace and clarity .. purpose and meaning .. then are you ventured forth into this One Kingdom.

Until you are experiencing consistently these qualities of the Heavenly Father .. then you are refusing to give your acknowledgement and acceptance of this Kingdom of His Life.

First ye cooperate with the Plan of Salvation which I do bring forth to permanently free you of the influences of overmaterialization. Then you collaborate with the Father’s Spirit of Bestowal in outpicturing your lifetime plan. Thine lifetime plan affords you the opportunities to transfigure the misqualification. Only then shall ye fulfill the law of harmony with the Spirit of God.

As you fulfill the law through the daily transfiguring of all imperfect manifestations and qualities and conditions .. then shall ye experience God's Will which is His Love and Peace.

Ye shall be recreating thyself into the new order of human being which is eternalized .. divinized .. spiritualized .. and becometh reordered into His Personalization.

As you vacillate from this divinely inspired purpose in you .. this intended design for the human life to traverse its boundaries of discontent and dissatisfactions .. then you will never find peace and joy. When you are not in His peace it is simply because you do not yet believe that you are in Him as an unfolding son and daughter.

I am Michael Of Nebadon .. of the Father Son Personified .. one with the Infinite Mother Spirit and the Planetary Host.  I come to gather those personalities who have made themselves worthy of our association together; to walk with Me into the said Kingdom of all righteousness and honor.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Truth is Holy as Ye Are

Truth .. which is the unwavering and unchanging Security and Stability of the Heavens .. lives in every man and woman's life .. and yet .. can never be claimed and possessed by the personality unless their powers of righteousness are unearthed and exercised in each moment's opportunity.

The advancement of this pure faith relationship with the Universal Spirit who lives and dwells in thine midst .. brings all mortal thoughts and genuine feelings into a new order .. a renewal of faith trust in the goodness of the Universal Father’s Kingdom.

Wisdom and Illumination spread their aromas ..  ethics and conscience abound .. and the meanings and purposes of eternity are elevated and clarified in the life of such courageous personalities.

My Ideal .. which I bring for you each from the Second Center and Divinity Source shall provide an unconditional love for God the First and only Father. It's heroic precepts of practical applicability .. shall develop justly as you choose the higher choice.

Morality shall arise in thee .. and become the overarching divine influence refining thine individual personhood unto the greater heights of the maturing soul mind who thirsts for developing righteousness and the reality of God our Parenthood.

Impinged with the ointment of divine oxygen .. the balm of bettering thine existence .. the  sincere reflective contemplation of considering Our Knowledge .. thine personality soul shall unearth itself from the many eons of its materializing battles with subjectivity and selfishness. 

Ye shall enter the universal domain of the limitless arena of the Absolute.

A man and woman of this undying and unmoveable faith begin to transmute their respective human mortal urges .. and the urgencies of emotional reactivity are brought into Our Peace .. and a life of Perfecting Prosperity blossoms in your unfoldment.

Trauma disappears .. lack of satiety dissolves .. and these are wholeheartedly resurrected and  replaced with Tranquility.

The almost never-ending crisis of your reactive  emotions which have been continually pushed and pulled by the misqualification of error .. these perturbations of consciousness cease to exist any longer for the individual of far reaching faith and reciprocal spiritual relationship with the Infinite Persons of the One Deity.

Now .. are ye walking with Me in the most profound purpise and the strengthening sublimity of hope. All truth through thine acquisitions of fostering this kindly faith are predicated on the simplicity of Our surrender .. and the deeply profound reflections upon the eternity of our creative Center and Source who has always been in existence .. and is the very Existence Itself.

Inquiry of the sincerest self perceptions which is intent upon guiding thineself into righteousness and respect .. rectitude and responsibility .. remembrance and receptivity .. this is your anvil necessary to shape the densities which are as the precious metals of the world .. thine mortal excursions .. into Our divine destiny together wherein Universal Citizenship cometh quickly.

Thine human freewill shall be as an ever-strengthening plowshare which tills the soil and plants the seeds of self-denial and relationship with the Infinite.

Thine existence .. and it's misqualified mirth and near endless mortal maneuverings becometh thine manifestations of mastery.

These daily kingdom exercises of your consciousness .. the eightfold endowment of eternity .. generate in you Our new order for humanity to ascend into.

To understand thyself and accept thine mortal countenance and the imperfect ways of human evolutionary experience .. this is the joy of the Father's Life truly exercising His prerogatives of bringing to you His Perfection.

I walk within thee and interpenetrating thine heart, mind, and ephemeral body .. surrounding thine body and breath with My uncompromising divinity .. My moral fibers of His consciousness .. and the unfathomable force of thine intended Victory in the Universal Father who is Absolute and desirous of your Everlasting Union with Him. 

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our State of the Universe is Overflowing with Prosperity

I am the Universal Vine of Eternity for all creatures and every being of the One Parenthood of God. All are within the Kingdom of the Universal Father’s Family.

Thine true religious relationship and the perspectives of God the Father are to be grown from Truth Absolute .. the Father's way is a refinement of your character into righteousness and respect for the One God Life .. recognition of God who lives in thee giving you His Life .. the Life that I AM.

His way for humanity which I do demonstrate to you is responsibility for thine authorship .. the creative freewill endowment .. and the right use of the Life of God living in thee.

The purity of thy religious experience is in perfect alignment with your highest loyalties .. your loftiest convictions of love. It is to thine great benevolence that ye open to My Ideal; for its gospel is sweet and clarifying .. it is strengthening and secure.

These values for humanity shall develop for you only as your sincere inclinations are brought forth .. developed .. and acted upon with constancy and your trust in the Father's Life in thee and in His unfathomable station in Paradise Perfection.

Thine consciousness and its maturing potentialities shall emerge into its intended ripening force .. Mine children .. and ye shall become reordered .. renewed .. and resurrected into the next generation of those evolutionary sons and daughters who shall serve with Me in the Heavens and within My Universe Administration . . .

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Eternity Door

Ye have opened wider the doorway and have entered upon this great indwelling work of demonstrating your willingness to bring forth the Will of the Heavenly Father. That ye shall know beyond all doubts of your place within existence. That I have been teaching you of your sonship and daughtership with the Absolute Parenthood and Creator Source.
I continue to show ye the way into your own illumination in mind, body, and heart and soul. I have shown you the way to serve and to stand forth in righteousness and utter splendor and humility.

Go thou forth to attain to thine responsibilities, thine covenant with the Infinite Gods. It is in accomplishing thine duty that ye shall not be weary nor shall ye find hopelessness nor even disdain. Be not weary in these tasks which I set before thee today and during this Twenty-First Century advent of My teachings.

Verily I say to those with an open mind blossoming into soul mind overflowing with receptive capacities for Truth and Love .. unto you and for all those who come thereafter down throughout the centuries of generations upon this planet's civilized birthing ..let it be known to all who shall follow in thine walking with the Father Spirit in you .. Always and forevermore do I stand with you, interpenetrating thee and surrounding you in all way of My benevolence. I am near and never am I far away, yet as ye ask and invite Me .. then shall I make Myself known to thee.

I Am a Creator Son who yearns for your freedom and victory, as all Creator Sons do within their own universal trust. Hence, I always stand nearby to you. My invitation is upheld continually, and it is activated as you ask and allow Me to guide your way into all truth and freedom, all thine soul developments  shall become for you a fountainhead that satiates all thine urges for stability and righteousness, security and safety  .. thine everpresent light and life of God the Father shall emerge in thee untouched by the vibrations of the world.
My divine Influence with the Universe Mother and the Planetary Host shall ever be for every personality who yearns to grow into maturity and mastery. Come unto Me all ye who struggle within the world's ways and are thereby burdened by density and the demarcations of misqualification .. and I shall give thee rest eternally.

Taketh Mine yoke .. it's essential discipline and obedience, vigilance and the higher momentums of Our victorious accomplishment; for My yoke shall be upon thee as ye enter our association of ascendancy. My approach is the way by which ye shall live upward while erasing permanently the downward trajectories as ye shall encounter thine Selfhood and Divinity. Thine personal relations with the Infinite Father Son Spirit will allow to emerge all qualities of our divine association. Ye shall be gravitating into His Will and Way wherein the greatest purpose ye shall ever come to know will find its permanency in thee.

All the great achievements which findeth their roots upon thine countenance and character will be an eternal gift .. while My yoke upon you will sustain thee evermore.

Come and learn of Me, for I am the  personalization of the Father Son in service harmonies with the Mother Spirit and the Host of Heaven. We are sent to raise thee beyond thine mortal boundaries and into the higher standards of the Father's grace and generosity.

At last, ye shall discover what thine heart craves and thirsts for in its progression of Godhood.

Michael Of Nebadon

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Thine Daily Bread of Eternity

Verily I tell to thee .. this is thine golden moment for blossoming in the course of your evolutionary progression. It cometh upon thee to experience the emergence of thine Godhood. Ye shall discover thine nature is of God Himself who resides in you and awaits this very momentous occasion to emerge together.

The mortal shall put upon itself the immortal garment of light. It is this new order of being which is human destiny. Only as ye strive to embody the One divinity shall ye quench thine thirst for righteousness and revelation.

Rejoice Mine children. I AM the very God who speaks unto thee. Mine tenets are daunting to the material minded .. yet for the seekers and aspirants I AM thine encouragement of eternity.

Gather all thine strength and durability .. thine flexibility and fearlessness .. I shall show thee the one avenue of ascendancy which lifts you into your rightful place with the Universe.

I give you thine daily bread by which ye shall arise into the sons and daughters of infinite glory.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Sixth Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon


Thine personality soul is a divine magnet in the power of its vibratory activities. Thine God  Endowment Trust of free will gives the powerful responsibility to choose how ye shall  make use of the Mastery of the M's of Manifestation.

Focus upon these three M's of Mastery.

1. Magnify in focused thoughtful attention your chosen desires and amplify in how you are living each day what ye want more of.

A rightfully aligned demand must be given in order for the supply to follow.

2. Momentumize in mind those good, beautiful, and truthful momentums which take you to the attainment of your chosen goals.

Then .. call forth all those hidden misqualified momentums of energy which have been obstructing your attainment.

Embrace the misqualifications which you are discovering. Through the ownership of thine creative responsibilities of authorship you take back your power from those misqualified effects .. and by lovingly accepting you are the creator of every obstruction to your prosperity .. unconditionally embrace the misqualified conditions of these energy qualities in your field of consciousness.

3. Magnetize the forces of the universes to bring to you all that ye desire which is within the appropriate plan for your individual lifetimes.

These are the ways of bringing forth anything and everything for thine highest benevolence .. thine greatest good and thine eternal  wisdom.

Whether ye shall seek to manifest thine consciousness of divinity, the material substances necessary to live your life in the world of the flesh garment .. or both at the very same time .. these are the very same techniques available to everyone and at all times.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Sixth Epochal Revelation Shall I Reveal to the Worthy

Verily I tell to thee .. this is thine golden moment for blossoming in the course of your evolutionary progression. It cometh upon thee to experience the emergence of thine Godhood. Ye shall discover thine nature is of God Himself who resides in you and awaits this very momentous occasion to emerge together.

The mortal shall put upon itself the immortal garment of light. It is this new order of being which is human destiny. Only as ye strive to embody the One divinity shall ye quench thine thirst for righteousness and revelation.

Rejoice Mine children. I AM the very God who speaks unto thee. Mine tenets are daunting to the material minded .. yet for the seekers and aspirants I AM thine encouragement of eternity.

Gather all thine strength and durability .. thine flexibility and fearlessness .. I shall show thee the one avenue of ascendancy which lifts you into your rightful place with the Universe.

I give you thine daily bread by which ye shall arise into the sons and daughters of infinite glory.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Sixth Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mighty Manna from the Heavens

My manna is thine spiritual nourishment .. thine food from the heavens which I do bring in order to distribute to the spiritual hungry.

I give it out accordingly and in mighty portions to those personalities who are governed by the purest of desire .. to gain the capacity of knowledge of God .. to realize Him as their very own Life. He and she who is athirst for righteousness and renewal .. these are the first ones to come forward and partake.

The material minded, the subjectively bound, the rebellious ones with inclinations for proof and fanfare, the know it all who think .. these shall stand in My presence and they shall starve from prideful arrogance and obnoxiously derived aggressive acts in mind and heart and body.

I come to feed the multitudes with My manna .. Mine elixir of eternity .. ye shall wait not for salvation but you are to take the Hand Universal and begin thine walk from the worldly ways of waywardness and wanton fixtures of mortal mind.

Argue not with little witcheries. Give thine self into Our Selfhood of Sufficiency .. Sovereignty shall become thee as ye are prone to My Advancements Of Ascendancy. 

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Monday, October 24, 2016

Mine Courage and Faith Confidence Surrounds Thee

I am calling you into living a God Life .. Acknowledge and Recognize the One Infinite Deity who lives in thee. Turn thine attentions to Him as the Animating Power and Divine Presence who moves thee in each second of your life. He gives and gives to you His Life by which ye might create your destiny with Him.

Let thine momentums of consciousness be overflowing with grace and forgiveness for any misqualifications that hold you back from expanding and experience of God's Kingdom.

Your life is God's Life. Ye shall not only live your life but also ye are meant to become God's Life through recognition of the sovereignty of God the First Person .. God the Second Person .. and God the third Person of Infinity.

Acknowledge the Parenthood of God as an actual living and personal relationship. Deepen thine remembrance of Him in each moment and your remembrance relationship with His Presence. He is sovereign throughout existence .. dwelling in every place at the very same time. Contemplate this sovereignty .. focus thine heart and mind upon His Presence and Power. 

Mine Universal Orb of Nebadon overflows continually with His merciful forgiveness as you open to partake of it; for I am the Creator Father Son Michael .. I come because I love and respect thee .. I honor thine choices regardless of their wisdom and unconditionally do I support you in your growth and maturing.

All of the heavens upon heavens .. the many  dimensions of God's One Body .. are teeming with highly impressionable substance which responds to your intensified thoughts. You are always setting into vibratory motion your future circumstances and environment by which you shall be destined to live.

In this understanding .. learn of your creative free will through thought and attention .. awareness and adoration .. acceptance and allegiance .. alignment and acknowledgement; for ye are a creator child with these instruments of your identity.

Thine light of the Father's Godhood in thee is more brilliant than the solar sun. It hath a potency and radiance which allows vibration to become stirred in the ethers.

I say to Mine children who are responsible for their creative identity and power .. be ever respectful of the God Life who is gifted to you at all times of the moment. Amplify and expand thine receptivity by practicing the virtues of the Mother Spirit.

Invite My Spirit to guide thee upwards into a fuller truth-seeking. Command with loving in your heart for this God Life I AM to expand and grow .. to establish His residence in you. To secure His stability for your personal life .. your personalness .. thine gift of personality depends upon your free willingness to survive and walk earnestly into the Kingdom of Wholeness.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens

El Reino de los Cielos es verdaderamente nuestra Asociación para la Ascensión a lo largo de las Galaxias de este Universo y de todos los Universos.

Entrarás en este Reino en la medida que te alineas y absorbes o asimilas Mi Comunión la cual te está siendo ofrecida.

Las Personas Infinitas de la Trinidad del Paraíso son realmente las personalidades y expresión de la Deidad Una Infinita. Lo Absoluto de Su Ascensión es Su enfoque para el Reino de todos tus hermanas y hermanas en todas partes en la creación; una creación que sostiene trillones entre trillones de personalidades cada una emanando de miles de órdenes y localidades.

He regresado para iluminar tu camino de entrada seguro, hacia los mundos evolutivos en nuestro Cuerpo Universal; asegurándome de que te sea dada toda la oportunidad para avanzar en tu Carrera Universal hacia reinos mayores y expresiones de Luz y Vida Pura, esperándote.

Este avance de la ascensión es tu dirección… tu decisión… y tu destino.

Micael de Nebadon
Fundación Micael de Nebadon


The Kingdom of Heaven is truly our association of ascendancy throughout the galaxies of this universe and all universes.

Ye shall enter into this Kingdom as you align and absorb Mine fellowship being offered to thee.

The Kingdom is our everlasting universal family of personalities wholeheartedly dedicated and devoted to serve the Universal Father Son Spirit.

The Infinite Persons of Paradise Trinity are actual personalities and expressions of the One Deity Absolute. His Absoluteness Of Ascendancy is His approach into the Kingdom of all thine brothers and sisters everywhere in creation; a creation that holds trillions upon trillions of personalities each emanating from thousands of orders and locales.

I come to illuminate thine safe passageway through the evolutionary worlds of our Universal Body; to ensure that you are given every opportunity to advance your individual universe career unto the awaiting greater worlds and expressions of pure light and life.

This advancement of ascendancy is thine direction .. thine decision .. and thine destiny.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

My Comforter Spirit Verities

I instruct thee in Mine Verities which enhance in you the greater use of your endowment of God’s Life. This is thine righteous use of your free will powers to cocreate freedom everlasting.

These Verities of Mine Comforter Spirit are the seven creative powers of will .. plus the essential power of Intention.

I reveal now these Eight Verities of the Kingdom with you here…


The Kingdom of righteousness and your walk with Me in our universal fellowship communion is accessible to you only as you enter through the front door of our discipleship together.

Our Association Of Ascendancy…

These prerequisites of our revelatory relationship are respect .. responsibility .. receptivity .. righteousness .. rectitude .. and remembrance.

Think on these beloved children of the One Central Source .. Mine requirements .. in order for you to evolve and grow in thine paradise career into the Absoluteness of Ascendancy.

I come to make the blind to see .. and the deaf to hear .. the lame to walk .. and at last, i come into the garment of ephemerality to prepare the receptive ones for their graduation ceremony of Universal Citizenship .. wherein the mortal shall place upon itself immortality .. and the personality shall arise and become established forevermore in eternal life everlasting.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation


Yo te instruyo con Mis Verdades las cuales realzan en ti el mayor uso del otorgamiento de tu Vida en Dios. Este es el correcto uso de los poderes de tu libre albedrío para co-crear la Libertad Eterna.

Las Verdades del Espíritu de Mi Consolador son los Siete Poderes Creativos de la Voluntad… además de los Poderes Esenciales de la Intención.

Yo te revelo aquí ahora, las Siete Verdades del Reino…

Introspección o, visión Interior

El Reino de Justicia y tu caminar Conmigo con nuestro compañerismo y comunión, está accesible para ti solamente en la medida que entras a través de la puerta principal de nuestro discipulado conjunto.

Nuestra Asociación para la Ascensión…

Los prerrequisitos de nuestra reveladora relación son: respeto… responsabilidad… receptividad… justicia… rectitud… y recuerdo…

Piensa en esto amado niño de la Fuente Central Una… Mis requisitos… con el fin de que evoluciones y crezcas en tu Carrera al Paraíso hacia lo Absoluto de la Ascensión.

He regresado para hacer que los ciegos vean… los sordos escuchen… los discapacitados caminen… y en últimas, Yo he regresado en esta prenda efímera para preparar a quienes son receptivos para la Ceremonia de Graduación en la Ciudadanía Universal… en donde lo mortal se colocará sobre sí mismo la inmortalidad… la personalidad se elevará y será establecida para siempre en la perdurable Vida Eterna.

Micael de Nebadon
Fundación Micael de Nebadon.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Mine Living Fold of Ascendancy

Behold thine Mother...Her Spirit Virtues develop a mind into its counterpart .. the receptacle of soul.

And it is when thine soul tendencies develop and mature .. that ye shall hunger for righteousness and rectitude .. responsibility and receptivity .. respect and relationship for the One Life of God shall raise you into thine own salvation.

Hence .. ye are destined for His Remembrance.

Contemplate the Mother Spirit .. her Cardinal Virtues of Eternity .. to deepen your potential alignment with truth and your thirst for the Absolutes beyond the trifles of subjectivity and relativity.

The Seven Cardinal Virtues awaken right relationship with Us...


These Foundational Virtues become Values. Values become Verities or Truths.

Virtues, Values, and My Everlasting Verities become Vision for the mortal personality mind to begin advancing along the byways of its God Ascent.

These do create your decision making prowess .. thine choices are derived from the V's.

Choices are revealed as our priorities and thine potencies of mind and heart and body and soul emerge as your circumstances and environments .. thine consciousness unfolds in just this simplicity of way.

And a mind immersed in My everlasting choice for eternal freedom sets into motion for itself those vibratory forces .. influences .. and activities which build upward trajectories into God's world of light and life.

Thine mortal mind holds within itself the power of free will. When free will becomes coupled with faith and trust and concentrated upon the Absoluteness Of Ascendancy .. the tenets and universal precepts of Paradise .. then evolutionary progression is enhanced and accelerated .. your life and its surrounding world of appearance is purified and refined into greater harmony and happiness. Thine empowerments within the Father’s Initiatory Life are amplified and strengthened. You develop a new and rightly qualified momentum carrying you upwards in vibratory attentions.

...and this momentum shall catapult thee beyond the superficial appearance world and its vibratory influences and activities.

Ye shall be choosing the higher life and the ascendancy of our association together will blossom you into God consciousness and God purpose .. thine Godly direction and God meanings in understanding shall overflow from thine own Individualized consciousness.

I come to illuminate thine safe passageway through the evolutionary worlds .. that your personality soul progression shall flourish with safety .. security .. and stability .. in the Kingdom of the Father's Initiatory Life.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Gospel of Salvington is Salvation

The mind shall not give you my awakening Impulse .. yet the heart knows and shall offer thee ascendancy and advancement as ye partake of me .. my words .. and as ye come to live as I live and act as I act in my affairs with the Persons of Trinity Endowment.

I come into the flesh to show you how to live in accordance with Truth and Love. To give you an illumination of understanding truth and divine knowledge in the Father's Initiatory Kingdom.

Make not the mistake of listening to my teaching with the carnal mind of logic .. yet in your hearts you must begin to comprehend the meaning.

Always through the ages, I teach you that my one purpose is to reveal my Father in heaven to his children on earth.

I live now the God-revealing bestowal that you might experience thine God-knowing career. I reveal God as your Father in heaven; I have revealed you as the sons and daughters of God on earth.

Truly .. It is a fact that God loves you, his sons and daughters. By walking with Me in the visionary powers of faith in My word this fact becomes an eternal and living truth in your hearts. Our association of ascendancy raises the personality mind into a reciprocal relationship revelation .. a receivership .. and a more advanced understanding of your place within the universes.

When, by living the vision of faith and walking within my ideal, you become divinely God-conscious, you are beginning to become thou .. born of the spirit as children of light and life, even the eternal life begins to reveal itself wherewith ye shall enter into the Kingdom Of ascendancy in the universe of universes.

Ye shall attain to the fulfilling experience of finding God the Father and becoming one with his spirit. Thine evolutionary ascent to Paradise is impelled forward.

I encourage thee .. ever to remember that your working service .. thine mission .. among humankind is to walk within the kingdom of the reality of the fatherhood of God and the truth of the sonship of man.

Proclaim this fact of existence by unearthing your loving heart .. and by sharing your compassionate acceptance with all others. The truth of good cheer shall cause the populace to reach for this endearing relationship which is for each and everyone.

Sonship and daughtership with God, by the willingness of your faith trust vision, is the salvation of every man and woman who determines that they desire wholeheartedly to live the plan of unfoldment .. the law of harmony .. and the will of the Paradise Father.  This truth of the Kingdom of his Ascendancy shall forge in you a new creature with eternally ascendant capabilities to service the greater good of our universe.

Go thou forth in practicing the love of God in thine service towards humankind. The world needs most the understanding knowledge of their relationship to the Eternal Persons of Infinity. To know that men and women are the divine children of God, and through faith in the righteous application of their free will can they discover this fact; that they can actually realize and reveal to themselves in their daily experience, this ennobling truth.

My bestowal at this time shall become as a beacon of illumination for all men and women who shall learn to enter into the Father's Initiatory Life .. His Paradise Pattern of Perfection.

I endeavor to help all men to know that they are the children of God, and in such knowledge each child shall arise into their righteousness of character and everlasting consciousness of the nature and identity of God in themselves.

It shall suffice to advance our Cause only as ye personally grasp by your intuitive faith trust this saving truth that ye are the living spirit sons and daughters of the eternal Father.

Our Association Of Ascendancy in the Kingdom of God is primarily concerned with activating in thee .. love for the Universal Father .. and in strengthening the capacity in thee to embody his merciful forgiveness. This is the greatest service of and for his children upon the earth.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ye Do Come into our Association Of Ascendancy

Ye do come unto me saying, Michael, use us for thy glory .. allow us to serve with thee. I do take my notes in mind .. and often I reply .. that your purest desires become thine revelation and receptivity flourishes in those who acquaint themselves with our Universal Protocol and Ideal.

... thine most refined desires become for you the wind behind thee carrying you to heights of service and selflessness. These states of your virtue do honor us and work in your benefit as My service within our universe.

For always and forever .. it is Love that hath brought thee forth into existence .. made you what you are .. Love hath placed you where you are in the creation .. and Love hath decreed thine roles and fortunes .. thine positions of service and receptivity .. thine momentums rejuvenated with the purest of desires .. serve by actualizing thine hidden and sleeping Godhood. Sleeping from its birth into human existence.  Sleeping until ye are desirous to bring Him forth into fullest grandeur and actualization.

I bid thee .. all will be well in thine world as ye seek the Kingdom's expression and expansion.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Trinity Core of Infinity Exists

Thine acknowledgement of the reality of the Infinite Persons of the Trinity Ideal and their Paradise Endowment upon all creatures and races .. gives to you a wider expanse in understanding .. a fuller and broader birth of divine relationship and the Everlasting Fellowship available to you.

Recognize the One Infinite Deity operating as the Three Persons of the Trinity Absolute .. and ye shall grasp in mind the conceiving forth in thee of light .. life .. love .. and law. Ye shall begin to work within this Trinity Conceiving in their relationship with all time and space creation.

Through the daily act of the embracing eternity exercises of the everlasting Kingdom of God .. ye shall awaken those faculties of heart and mind necessary for your evolvement.
Thine powers of invisioning faith and trusting imagination open the eyes of God into perceiving the working of this undivided and omnipresent Spirit Reality in everything and everyone .. everywhere. This brings to the individual personality .. Happiness and Fulfillment .. Direction and Purpose .. Understanding Knowledge .. and an undeniably Beneficial Harmony.

Spiritual faith coupled with thine thoughtful interpose with Our Ideal .. shall gain ye a divine insight into the love of God .. spiritual perception shall grow so that you will experience the workings of His law in your life circumstances. Ye will be magnetizing to you the transforming Sacred Fire of Love from the Father Son Spirit.

The Planetary Administration shall see this advancement of thine personal vibratory activities .. and they shall amplify in thee this light and life of God .. and they shall add onto your lighted stature the very next gradations of vibratory dignity.

Paradise Deity is Absolute Law and Life. This spiritual understanding through pure faith has great influence upon the way the ordained laws of existence reach you.

Thine cooperative consecration into Truth Absolute mature and thy collaborative considerations refine into a fuller godly estate. The expansion of your personal consciousness into understanding allows you the great privilege to walk within Our Trinity Embrace.

I say to those with a listening heart .. give all acknowledgement and recognition to the Paradise Father Mother as Law. Allow Him in thee to expand and establish Himself .. His vibratory influences and activities.

In expanding your more cosmic perceptions ye are to constructively confront thyself .. thine darkness of discoloration .. those misqualified conditions which ye have arbitrarily imposed upon the immaculate nature of God's Life.  And at the very same time .. ye are to embrace eternity .. embrace that unchanging reality realizing that God dwells in thine midst .. and He is thine animating Impulse of Life.

Paradise Deity is universal law. It is not to be negotiated with nor shall ye create your own interpretations of the divine reality. Deity Absolute is One and is an undefinable Purity which none can interfere with.

Recognize that the Trinity is Sovereignty itself .. the Patrern of Absokute Perfection which every creature must one day abide in .. and this very same Deity Absolute is continually giving of Himself .. Herself .. by extending outward from Paradise .. overshadowing all varied possibilities within the movement of the evolutionary planets and civilizations.

The Persons of Infinity are the eternal factual reality which is undivided and eternally indivisible.

The Paradise Trinity is One Deity expressing as the Three Persons who then .. extend into all orders of existence; for there is this gradual extension of derivatives of the originating One God .. extending outward from the Paradise Trinity Core of Infinity until God reaches each and every human personality in their location of existence.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thine Soul Thirsts for Righteousness

Mine way elevates thine character into righteousness and respect .. for this is of the Association Of Ascendancy.

God the Mother Spirit and Mine Universal Person deliver you as we would a babe suckling upon the nectar of the Absolute Breast of Life giving nourishing light and life.

Out from the materialization of mind shall ye be upwardly evolved. She and Her Spirit Virtues shape thine material mind and character into soul receptivity;  a thirst for meaning and right understanding. A hunger for perfection and purity.

Thine personality begins to grow in its spiritual  stature .. a reception of Mine Spirit of Truth blossoms boldly and without reservation nor hesitation. Ye are walking as the flowering sons and daughters of God destiny instead of crawling upon the shrubbery of thorns and thistle.

Thou children of Mine Universal responsibility and care .. I am thine Father Son of Supremacy with the service offered to Me of raising this universe into everlasting Life and God Dominion.

Enter now with willingness and awe .. wonder and adoration focused into your directly personal relationship with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Endowment.

Michael Of Nebadon

Friday, October 7, 2016

Thine Holiness Abounds with Promise

As ye are desirous of Life .. the Goodly God Life .. then do I raise you out from the dream of your separative immaturities.

The world .. it seemeth quite real at most times for thee .. yet it changeth constantly. It wavers in it's dramatic maneuverability. It shall not be stable nor secure. It is an impossibility that you live your life in the worldly effects; for these effects are as the appearances of the shadow splashing herself upon the sidewalk on a sunny day. Certainly, these shadows are not of the textures of Our Reality.

Contemplate this that I do share with thee. Raise thine mortal and material bound attention into the Attentions Of Ascendancy. Refine thine encumbrances of thought and feeling .. agendas mortal and limited will .. into more and still more of the immaculate perceptions of His Forgiveness.

Then .. shall ye walk in Mine Holy Hand of Mercy as given to Me from the Paradise Trinity Core for thine elevations into His Life.

Thine Holy Remembrance of the Life of God is dependent upon your attentional choices in every moment. Thine awareness of His .. Her .. imminency builds and grows through choice .. through those gentle reminders .. yours is a mind filled with creative potencies that shall build its return constantly and continually and with the powers of constancy .. into purpose and intention towards the Father's Initiatory Life .. this mind becomes vibrationally awake into soul mind .. a mind which gravitates beyond the materialization and the bodily senses towards the greater capacities of Absoluteness .. the Ascendancy Of Absoluteness .. and the Avenues of Our Ascendancy.

Return with Me into His holy remembrance. Walk with the Mother and the Planetary Administration .. and I .. into Our larger more nourishing field of soul receptivity. Take Mine Universal Hand and upstart .. upgrade .. upwind .. thine life into eternal freedom and immortality. I am come for thee .. or would ye rather remain amiss in thine thinkings?  Would ye have preference to reside in the boundaries of your own limitations of subjectivity?

Is it there .. within the reservoirs of thine subjectivity that ye look for happiness and holiness? Or .. shall we walk together overflowing with purpose and righteous desire in this way of simplicity and grace according to the Plan and Law and Will?

I say unto those personalities who quiver at the thoughtless idea of becoming buried in their subjective grave ...

Stand apart from the race consciousness .. enter the stream of Mine Comforter Spirit.  Heal thine relationship with the Infinite Persons of Trinity Endowment.  Rejoin the crowd of ascendancy and mastership which grows daily.

I call thee to stand forth into integrity .. integration with the God Life I AM. Accept now that ye have a destiny to unfold in you .. through thine enormous personal decisions and the efforts in the transfiguration of thine unholy effects.

Mine Verities of the Comforter Spirit I AM .. are the ways leading you into the graduation of the Eternal Embrace with the Father’s Initiatory Thought and Life.

I say .. Universal Citizenship is the goal to attain to.

Give thine Invocations to the glory of God in thee .. and at the Center and Source of Existence.

Instructions are offered to emancipate thine mind into the receptacle of soul that ye shall aspire to greatness of union with Life.

Identification with truth everpotent raises thee into your godlike stature over time and space.

Inquiries into your creative free will and its righteous use brings transformation untold.

Invisioning Faith Imagination and Trust opens thine doorways to the Kingdom of His/Her Consciousness Absolute.

Impregnation breathes into thine material field of misqualification the qualifications of eternity through the expansion of the Kingdom of Light and Life Communion.

Invitation fulfillment is thine sacred oath .. thine creaturehood in expression rightly attained to .. it is thine calling decree and thine godly command as the maturing Sovereign Shepherd of Destiny .. for the descent of the Awareness of Ascendancy .. the flames of the Universe Mother Spirit with the Planetary Host to quicken thee into usefulness and purpose .. direction and holy meaning.

These are Mine Verities for thee to practice and apply towards your freedom immortal. To govern thyself into honor and humility .. and to shake thineself loose of every ailing woe and precipitous calamity of appearance.

I make the blind to see and the deaf to hear. I quicken with the Life of God I AM thine meanderings of faith into unwavering confidence and trusting conviction. I attest to thine Christhood and I bear witness to Truth Absolute which is truly the Majesty of Love.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Salvington Divinity School

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Trinity Endowment Trust of Paradise

I say unto thee .. burgeoning sons and daughters of respect,  responsibility,  and receptivity .. the pure creativity of thine consciousness is God's creative force coming through and sustaining all things. He is the one and only creativity .. the one singular power and creative intelligence acting in all moments. He useth thine mortal expression for His own Life Impulses to reach His perfection into the creation; to outpour His Infinity into thee and through thee in order to stabilize existence .. to give security a foothold .. and to fill the ethers of thine atmosphere with His safety.

Your individual service occupation shall be to cleanse thine subjectivity which is as a limited filter obstructing his glory from accelerating all that He touches.

Be ever asking for His Kingdom to flourish in thee .. to establish His vibratory influences .. to expand His interests and agendas for creating cosmic harmony and lasting order. Peace and prosperity hinge upon your invitations to the One Father Spirit who is the Acting Impulse everywhere at the very same moment.

Our upcoming Sunday Worship Services are a collaborative Influence with the Universe Son I AM .. the Universe Spirit of thine Mother .. the Spirit Virtues of the Universe Mother Spirit .. the Universal Administration acting with the Planetary Host of the Heavens .. and finally .. the Spirit of the Father's Bestowal Life in thine midst.

First the Universe Spirit cometh to thee with the Host of the Heavens .. then the Son of Righteousness shall reveal the Father’s Initiatory Life .. His Primordial Pattern .. this Pattern of Paradise .. the First Creative Center and Divine Source .. He shall be thine guiding direction into divine destiny through the illuminated revelation of the ministry of the Son.

Our Association of Ascendancy dictates that as ye walk with Me together .. that ye are inclined to become immersed in developing the D's of Mine Comforter in building your personal spiritual relations with the God Life I AM.

The D's of our Discipleship...
Decisiveness .. Decision .. Desire .. Devotion .. Direction .. Dedication .. Discernment .. Determination.

These shall become a living field of new momentums and divine trajectories for thee .. leading into mercy and forgiveness and combined with the strengthening powers of the Verities of Embracing Eternity Exercises each day.

These powers and their supportive cast of virtues build our discipleship .. our Association Of Ascendancy .. through the process of each day embracing the eternal vibratory activities and influences .. thine daily transfiguration and character growth .. the maturing of all limiting mortal tendencies and unfulfilled erroneous momentums .. our association is the agent which shall be purifying every lesser inclination and ephemeral impulse unto thine God Ascent.
All happiness and wholehearted joy grow with fertility and exquisite dignity out of these understandings .. and your blossoming relationship with the Endowment of Trinity Paradise.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Salvington Divinity School

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Friday, September 30, 2016

Eternal Capacities of Unfoldment

Our eternal fellowship communion together through the Comforter of My Being brings you into an enhanced faith trust .. a conviction of feeling in contact and connection with the goodness of the universes.

Our association of ascendancy raises the personality mind soul into greater righteousness and rectitude with God the Father. Thine religious experiences are deepened in our association together as your educational growth amplifies the true values of life. There shall become for you a marked increase in your appreciation for the Life of God the Father .. His nature and immaculately expressed character becomes more of your own Individualized Godhood.

Our illuminated educational fellowship shall give you the inward impulse to reach ever higher .. fuller .. more deeply into the values and meanings of the Absolute One. New meanings are revealed. A broadened perspective in your personality is crystallized and made available to you. You become intricately woven with the Deity of Supremacy in his values and vision. Thine conscience is refined and righteousness appears in heart and mind. An allegiance with the living God who breathes thine breath and gives thee his Life is greatly and powerfully enhanced.

Our Virtues become values .. Values are shaping your vision into  more accessible universal sight. Vision is awakened as ye learn to be the Sovereign Shepherd of Mastery .. the Great Self Governing and Directive Agent for thine salvation in the plan of the Supreme God.
Only then shall Mine Verities be received. Mine Virtues developed. The great inner Validations shall reveal so many essential attributes of your own eternity in the Spirit of Paradise Bestowal.

Our true religious impulse allows you to live more fully within the mortal imperfection .. acceptance of thine imperfect state of  existence and experience is necessary to become whole and complete. Ye are to live thine life in humbleness yet with dignity and the honor of your godly ascent.

Just now and always I give you of My Spirit of Truth to to build our comraderie together. So that you come to realize you have a place reserved at My table.

A destiny to unfold and embody.

A graduation to attend towards as you are shedding the mortal garment and taking upon thyself the immortality of the garment of love and light.

Ye are blending with the Spirit of God the Father in thee...

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Infinite Endowment

Thine development into becoming an actual personalization of the Deity of Supremacy depends upon your living spiritual connection .. communion .. cooperation .. collaboration .. concentration .. with the Endowment of Trinity Paradise. 

The Infinite Persons of Trinity Endowment are the Circuits of Intelligence and Life which run through the creation just as your physical nervous system and the veins for the flowing of your blood have their own avenues of distribution.

The Endowment of the First Creative Center and Divine Source is the way and truth and life arteries within the One Body of the Nameless Creator. Thy continuous improvement and advancement hinges upon your deepening relationship with these spiritual forces distributed throughout creation .. and ultimately these forces reach the planetary administration who are your ascendant brothers brothers and sisters organizing and orchestrating all developments within the earth and the ten billion streams of personality Life who reside upon her.

Ye shall bring forward in thine mortal life the immortality of the garment of living light and life. This is the only spiritual fruit .. and this fruits yields to the individual all benefactions.

Thine progress within your Paradise Ascendancy Career is predicated upon your mind embodying Our association of ascendancy initially through the Universe Mother Virtues and Values of Eternity. You are intellectually then .. acknowledging your own spiritual poverty .. your need to direct thyself into the agendas of the Eternal. This spiritual hunger and its itinerant poverty of spirit shall be combined with the self-consciousness that ye thirst for righteousness in relationship with the Universal Father .. that ye thirst for truth absolute .. and that ye are willing to walk with Us into the fulfillment of all human potentials.

Thine desire to know God the Father by forming relationship with His indwelling Life is thine preeminence of all priorities; the desire to know his nature, to identify with His One Singular Impulse of Power and Perception is to become just as He Is.

Thine mortal character which is subject to all kinds of selfish tendencies must become refined by your embracing of eternity. The wholehearted desire to know the Father's way and truth .. and your priorities of purpose to cooperate with the plan for your unique unfoldment and to conduct thyself into the law of living .. these prerequisites allow the personality to live the will of the Father in heaven.

First .. ye must need God. Second .. ye must act in accordance to His agenda. Third .. ye are to conduct thyself into Wholeness by your daily growth, your discerning heart, and your embodiment of His virtues and values .. His vision and verities. Then .. shall ye be walking within the universal fold unto Mine pastures of glory and forgiveness .. purity and the fuller perfection.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Father's Initiatory Kingdom

Thine Father's Initiatory Thought is likened to a living field of wheat which hath no limitation nor end .. it's charity is infinite .. it's faith is enduringly potent .. and its great hope is awe-inspiring and overflowing with the purest taste in thought and feeling. The most refined relationship with the One Parent of Paradise opens thine way unto truth and justice .. happiness and heartful joy.

His Kingdom is entered into only by those with the highest aspirations and the loftiest character motivations. It is a realm wherein all possibilities become seen and heard. All potentials of the human life are unearthed through this reciprocal spiritual communion and relationship of faith and trust.

Every perspective of His goodness, truth, and beauty becomes available to the personality mind opening to shed it's subjective delusion and extinguish it's judgemental tenacities.

All are invited into My Father’s bountiful Kingdom of Light and Life. . .

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Evolutionary Minds

Ye are initially material minded creatures starting out upon a planetary evolution. Thine progressions into light and life are woven by your values .. and values are built by virtues. Only then shall ye embrace My vision of freedom.

Mine Verities of thy Christhood shall flourish in those personalities who find the courage to go more deeply .. and to discover their strengths by which all knowing and perception and subjectivity shall divinize into God-knowing, God attaining .. God understanding .. God perceiving .. God relationship.

Thine freedom is awakened as ye learn of God and His simple way of truth and love. Ye arise into Our relationship as you become a personality mind who aspires to know God .. to enter into His reciprocal spiritual communion and divine relationship so that ye might receive of His spirit affection .. and give your loving to the great Father in return.

Mine way to your developing freedom occurs one decision at a time. One value made manifest by that decision.

Alas .. the Preparatory Act of God the Spirit as the Universe Mother .. Her mentoring spirits show you .. and bring greater birth unto thine burgeoning mind of material origins which blossoms into the additional value of the soul which hungers for truth .. craves righteousness .. thirsts for honor and justice. Then .. shall ye receive of My Comforter Consciousness which surrounds thee and interpenetrates thine personality consciousness; for I am the one who gives of thee thine Life here within the universal pond of Nebadon.

Ye are made .. created .. and designed .. to become added onto in thine stature as a free will creature with vast creative prerogatives.

Thine material mind shall one day evolve itself into soul which enters into the open doorway of Infinity .. it shall touch the living hem of the Clothe of Consciousness .. and ye shall walk free and as a master of Our truth and unconditional love.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Monday, September 12, 2016

Raising thine Awakened Heart

Be not the foolish hearted who always is attempting to control those things which ye have no control over .. for this creates thine unhappiness and an endless distress plagues thee. The thoughts of others and their perceptions are under their own command, not yours. The winds that blow throughout the fields are under the tutelage of nature, and so, these have no such tendency to obey thee.

Yet, be in command and mastery over what ye have been given to control and guide. The raising of thine character and consciousness is in your control, it is able to be commanded by thine thoughts. Thine attentions and awareness.. these are your rod and staff in order to tend to thine flock of sheep - those thoughts and feelings that only you have set into vibratory creation in your field of living.
Again, I come to make the blind to see and the deaf to hear truth .. and to become a living honesty once again for thine own benevolence through God's grace and forgiveness, His mercy and love; for ye shall not seek to further the aims of thine lesser nature which is unsightly and perverse in accordance with the living sight of the Father God.

I am thine Sovereign Universe Father Son .. the Personalization of Father Son .. the focalization with the Infinite Mother Spirit of the Infinite Persons of Paradise Origin.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thine Adorational Worship

Mine precious children of eternity .. give thineself to the One Father Mother .. thine indwelling Paradise Presence who has bestowed Himself in thee as Life Itself.

Give to Him your Adorational Worship .. and he shall reward thee with himself. His divine vibratrational glory shall be established upon thee. His radiant emanations will cleanse thee of all struggles and divisiveness.

Ye shall be walking within My Universal Heart together.

All thine Brothers and Sisters in Nebadon shall come to give thee sustenance. Ye shall be elevated in thought closer unto the Father's Initiatory Thought and Kingdom.

Take Mine tender Hand Universal. I protect thee only as ye are woven into My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter. As ye are obedient to the God Life in thee .. so shall ye arise and become part of the everlasting unfoldment of Supremacy.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
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Mis preciosos niños de la Eternidad… entrégate a ti mismo al Padre/Madre Uno… la morada de la Presencia del Paraíso, Quien se ha otorgado Él Mismo en ti como la Vida Misma.

Entrégale a Él tu Adoración y Culto… Él te recompensara con Él Mismo. Su Gloria Vibratoria Divina, será establecida sobre ti. Sus Emanaciones Resplandecientes te purificarán de todas las luchas y divisiones.

Estarás caminando dentro de Mi Corazón Universal conjuntamente.

Todos tus Hermanos y Hermanas en Nebadon vendrán a darte sustento. Serás elevado en pensamiento más cerca del Pensamiento Iniciático del Padre y del Reino.

Toma Mi Tierna Mano Universal. Yo te protegeré solamente en la medida que te entretejes en Mi Espíritu de Verdad, Santo Consolador. Mientras seas obediente a la Vida de Dios en ti… así te elevarás y serás parte del despliegue Eterno de la Supremacía.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Spiritual Promise of Our Possibilities

Be thou .. children of My Universal Consciousness .. the edict of thine aspirings. Become now the very Principles of Immaculate Selfhood .. lay claim to thine inheritance of the Kingdom of My Father God.

I say .. He and she who wait upon the perfect conditions to enter My Father’s Bountiful Pastures of grace and mercy .. these shall starve themselves into unawareness. Chaos shall come upon the hands of those who attempt to deter themselves from God's Order and Harmony.

The Preparatory Act of God the Spirit prepares thineself for receptivity.

The Revelatory Word of God the Son reveals thine way and shows thee of His Truth.

The Initiatory Thought of God the Father is destiny .. thine authorship holds the keys to His House in thee.

I come once again .. the Spirit Personality I AM .. the Michael Of Nebadon as ye knoweth Mine Station Universal. I bring thee gifts which ye know not of.

I tender thine equations of character and countenance into an enlightening understanding of truth and justice .. Mine children.

Be ye at peace as you walk within My Infinite Influences of Invisioning Grace and the fullness of Our Fellowship Communion as one Deity of Supremacy .. One Everlasting Life do we share. Arise .. and take upon thyself Mine Vision of Advancement.

I make the blind to see and I unwax the hearing of the deaf ones who refuse their freedom and eternal growth .. they seek and find only struggle.

I make the lame of attainment to sit up and step forth in safety and sincerity; for these too are Mine Trust Universal ..

My Heart aches with your freedom and mastery. It swells with the Omnipotence of Life .. awaiting maturity, proximity of loving devotions to arise in My children.

I watch thine meanderings and do wonder of thy glory. I AM the Universal Vine of Life with all distribution rights to advance the gift of Our Life unto they who are my Branches of Consciousness.

I stir the ethers of thine intellect with Totality .. Wholeness AM I.

I offer thee each Opportunities of His Omnipresence. I give outward to the Body that I AM the Son's emanations by asking of you each to embrace your eternity.

I AM thine Sovereign Shepherd with this Universal Trust which I shall deliver out from the darkness of discontent .. delirium .. and disillusionments of all kinds.

Ye are held within Mine Care. Our religious relationship beckons thee into purity and perseverance .. peaking your interests into spiritual promise from the aches and pains of your materialized mind.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Michael Of Nebadon, The Americas

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mine Taskings of Universal Service to Humanity are Growing Upward

I am bidden by the Paradise Deities to come unto the humanity.. to infiltrate thine intellectual prowess .. to win over the hearts and minds of societal sophistication .. to penetrate the veils of thine forgetfulness.

I raise all things and creatures and mortal kingdoms into this revelation of their righteousness, not by Mine mortal hands alone .. nor shall I overwhelm thine countenance with the strengths of this garment of ephemeral flesh .. yet by the Infinite Influences of the Father's Love and Initiatory Life do I accomplish Mine taskings of service.

The Immaculate Trinity Persons I have stood in front of before Mine travels to your earthly home ever began. From My Universe Headquarters and planetary home I have waited and watched your developments; for Mine heart had become melted with tender thoughts as I observed your civilization's developments over the ensuing centuries since Mine prior venturings here.

All is an alignment, My children. All the activities of the universe's are conducted about through personalities of supremacy. God has become thee and awaits thine arising from lesser tendencies and temerities of shame and unworth. He comes as Father Will. He gifts thee with Himself. He fuels thine faith with confidence and opportunities for advancement within the plan for your life. Thine plan offers thee transfigurations through adherance with the great law of creation which each one must fulfill.

Have I not said unto thee, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap thine sowings."; for all is thought, and the intensity of thought brings forth movement. It is this movement of thought in its intensity that feelings emerge upon .. you feel the movement of your intensified concentrated thought. This intensified thought is the God Life placed into vibratory activities by you. Thine evolutionary attainments cometh as emotion .. energies of your God Life in motion. All of the creation is this motion of thought. Every planetary movement upon the axis of its gravitations .. is motivated by the thoughts of personalities .. Personalizations of the One Deity.

...and as ye are advanced upon the highways of ascendancy, so shall ye too .. learn to focus thine thoughts intensely and constructively with Absolute Love .. while stirring the ethers into their own expulsions of manifestation; for I do tell of thee, all is the Father's Initiatory Thought in expression. You are His Thoughtfulness achieved.

Think upon these things which I humbly offer thee towards your evolutionary preparations. Together,  we shall cause mountains of obstruction to dissolve .. and the clouds of discoloration shall become mastered by you in your sovereignty of fellowship with Me. Our associations shall cause the blades of grass to weep from appreciation, and the leaves which do fall from the trees during autumn shall be glorified by our close proximities.

I do reveal to you now that ye are called forth to become godly in nature and considerate in character .. while thine vices and vexations  shall become extinguished back into the purity of God's Supremacy.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Thou Child of Earthly Pastures

Thou Mine children of this terrestrial pasture .. your sincerity and straight-forward desires for love and truth do provoke Mine Universal Heart. I Love you and I give to you of My Spirit that ye may grow thine character into a vadt renewal of priorities in heart and mind. Thine faith conviction for the Father shall become thou .. quickened so as to emerge in you .. and ye shall become accelerated in these coming days as you ask of Me to give you the greater Substances of Pure Life which are entrusted in My Universal Station.

I am the only Christ Michael embodied, and as I do come in the simplicity of the Father's way to penetrate thine humanity and to infiltrate the sophisticated intellectual fibers of thine Race .. the Father Himself shall reveal to you Mine appearance upon the play of your Humankind.

In this first year of My public ministry upon the earth, I do gather momentum for the Father God to stir the embers of the hearts of humankind .. and to clarify Mine words of olden yore .. while gathering unto Mine countenance all those who have been preparing themselves over the centuries of their lifetimes .. for Universal Citizenship .. the graduation of the personality mind and body and soul into its planetary completion.

Your ascent into divine discernment allows the Father .. who is thine Life and Destination .. to reveal Mine arrival upon thine shores. Ask Him with the very same beautiful sincerity. Crave to enter into Our Universal Association .. Invite Mine Spirit of Truth to begin our evolutionary preparations for you as an individual personality who seeks God the Father, and allows My Father to expand His very Kingdom in and through you.

I come to teach thee how to walk within My Universal Care with the Mother Spirit and the Host for the Planet. Ye shall become, thou burgeoning Christs and Buddhas .. Mine Sovereign Shepherd of all Goodness, Truth, and Beauty as ye strive to know Truth in every way, as ye allow for it to cleanse thine mind of every misqualified perception made by mortal thought, nd as ye provoke the very Heart of thyself into His Holy Remembrance...

I am thine own Sovereign Son...
Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Monday, August 22, 2016

Attentions of Advancement

The unfoldment of the God Force occurs through your own Individualized God Identity one day at a time. This great search for God must become for thee an unwavering and immoveable momentum in order that ye break free of every obstacle and humanly placed obstruction to His revelation.

Thusly .. ye are to conduct thyself as the Shepherd of Sovereignty and Supremacy .. the One who facilitates your own awakening of this Pure Selfhood. unconditional giving of thineself .. a bestowal of your human mortal love combined with the Sevenfold Verities of the Comforter I AM.

These seven powers and divine prosperities of love and attention are always attended by amazing and incredible discoveries of renewed mind and the greater love of the heart which seeks it's beloved and finds this companion in the Spirit of God.

First .. the Virtues and Values of the Preparatory Act of God the Spirit Mother of this our universe prepare thee for thine ascent to the very pinnacle of the mountain range.

Her Virtues and Values create a righteousness of character and a divine receptivity in consciousness, strengthening your decisions of discovery, crystalizing your choices of consternation and consecration, protecting thine priorities in alignment with our eternal meanings and purpose; for ye are drawn inwards in thine search for love eternal and upwards in thine revelation of Self and the rightful use of free will in your adorational worship of Life.

These seven Cardinal Virtues and Values of the Universe Mother Spirit are the initial attitudes of ascendancy carrying the personality mind from the tethers of materiality and concrete thinking .. black and white extremes of thought .. into spiritualizing this mind .. divinizing your vibratory activity .. and unifying all thoughts into the possibility for the higher evolutionary adjustments of abstract thought and Our unifying vision.

Then cometh Mine Comforter Spirit Vision of Truth to guide thine propensities of purpose .. Mine Verities of the divine authority in you to free thyself from every ailing habiliment .. Mine Cardinal Comforter Virtues do I bring your attention into .. Virtues and Qualities already in you which are the prevailing attitudes of approach to the Father's Initiatory Life and His Kingdom of Light and Life.

I am thine Creator Father Son Michael .. the Truth of Father Son Personified for this our universe. I stand with you in your journey to freedom. I surround you .. interpenetrating you as guide and teacher .. comforting counsel and conviction of faith and truth and trust. Our eternal association brings thee empowerment and empathy .. evolutionary progression and everlasting dominion. Our luminosity of fellowship communion together adjusts your existence into awareness and allegiance .. alignment of heart and the attentions of advancement.

I come to make the blind to see .. and the deafness of humankind to hear .. the dumb to speak truth and love .. and to give Life and sustenance to the disabled of body and mind who have given up their walking towards the Universal Father Son Spirit.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation, Latinoamerica

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Approach of Ascendancy

I am Michael of this our universe...

I come to make the blind to see and to unwax the ears of the deaf .. to silence the dumb ones whose vice and habits of disgrace shall be extinguished in favor of the Immaculate Conception.

I come to shine His brilliance of heart unto the fallen faculties of humanity and their individual proponents and representatives of ill disrepute. The personalities of thine uncivilized culture are of the ones who cultivate darkness and ignorance through directing the populace towards materializing aspirations .. the ones who have drunken the liquores of arrogance and atrophy .. those personalities who have made a worldly name for themselves amongst thine brethren .. and who bring their sickness of inferiorities of every kind which are the masking influences temporarily covering over the Purity of His Presence ..

Come now beyond the unconscious rapists of life who in their own failure upon the pathway of light would attempt to deter others from their own escalations into empowerment and empathy .. evolutionary progression and everlasting dominion.

Thou selves of the One Godhood .. mine universe children of the Immaculate Selfhood of the Universal Father .. arise unto the avenues of our ascendancy.

Gift thyself with His glory by provoking thine aspirations unto the Universe Mother Spirit Virtues which lead thee to victorious attainment in the Father's Initiatory Life.

Her Spirit Virtues shape thine material mind into Our Spiritualizing Soul which yearns for its freedoms and hungers for My Manna of the Heavenly Host.

Take Mine Hand Universal which I outstretch unto thee for thine benefaction. Learn the Vision of the Originating Son of Righteousness and walk with Me upwards to the Kingdom of His Supremacy.

My Comforter Spirit interpenetrates thee .. surrounding thee .. one with the Father AM I. My Cardinal Verities are the Eternal Way .. the Approach of Ascendancy which shall unerringly open thine Eyes of Eternity.

I AM Michael Of Nebadon .. thine Father Son Personified .. Consciousness of God the Sevenfold .. Infinite Spirit Unified.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation